MONTGOMERY COUNTY – Bill Cosby said to be having an “ok time” in prison

Bill Cosby‘s been locked up for a week, I have  learned he spends his days getting friendly with prison staff, touring the grounds and chatting with his wife on the phone.

Cosby was locked up last Tuesday for 3 to 10 years, and is awaiting entry into general population at Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution Phoenix in Schwenksville, PA.

Cosby is escorted through Phoenix by a personal guide Bill’s legally blind to use the prison’s library, yard and other facilities. Dinner and lunch are either in his cell or an open room.

Since he’s not in general pop yet, he spends a lot of his time chatting with prison staff. Cosby has been telling his reps how nice the staff is to him. (Go figure)

Cosby also gets daily calls from his wife, the calls are only for 15 minute spans, but convos almost solely revolve around the plan to appeal his conviction.

It’ll still be at least another week before Cosby can get visitors.


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