BUTLER COUNTY: This is how Children and Youth in Butler let a four year old child be raped and killed with no remorse.

Butler County CYS is a joke as everyone knows, an organization formed not to help families, but to hurt and destroy family’s, to cover facts for mothers, and now they let a child be killed and not one single fuck is given.

Lets talk about the facts in the Bentley Miller case. Miller if you do not know is a four year old child that was raped to death by Jordan Lambing. But lets talk about the events prior to this four year olds horrific deaths.

Bentley Miller lived what one can only image is a horrible life for a four year old. Mother Mackenzie Peters told people she never really wanted him, lead a lifestyle filled with drugs partying and not giving a shit.

Several times CYS was called on Peters, the mother of Bentley Miller. During one investigation it was found that Peters was a drug addict, but with that said CYS did not care, writing in a report that a drug user as a woman and mother is able to care for a child. The case was closed.

The second call to CYS was from Peters own Father and Bentley Millers grandfather, the grandfather telling CYS that the mother was homeless, the young child was being abused, the young child was being used in a way to maybe transport drugs. CYS case workers chalked this up as a way for a grandfather to take custody of the child and never investigated.

CYS was contacted a third time about Millers mother, this unknown person contacted CYS and said a mother is homeless with a young child, and that he observed the mother using drugs via needle in front of the child.

CYS went on to look into the allegations, it came out in court that CYS said they opened an investigation and found that a child is more safe with the mother and a drug user boyfriend then with other family members or with family that could have taken care of the four year old. CYS did offer housing help to Peters and various other free garbage that had zero impact on helping this four year old child that was raped and killed by the hands of Jordan Lambing.

CYS went on in a court statement by saying that it is almost always best to leave the child with the mother, and they made the best decisions possible when it came to the four year old child after the time it was killed.

Bentley Miller lived his last days homeless in a motel room at the super 8 motel, CYS said that a homeless mother is not homeless if she has a motel room. CYS sources tell me also observed this child near needles and did nothing about it. May it be noted after the murder police served the motel and found needles and stamp bags where the child would have been. In the eyes of CYS this was all acceptable as this was a woman who was doing her best for her child.

After the rape and murder of Miller CYS tried to spin this, saying this would not have all happened if the child’s father was paying child support. CYS has never taken responsibility for their actions, no workers were punished, and CYS swept this under the rug.

It is time someone exposes this dark system called CYS in Butler County.  CYS believes that mothers should have sole rights to their children, this is a daily thing Butler.CYS workers are main stays of liberal women. And they for the most part believe men should have no rights.

Since the death of Bentley Miller this has got even more out of control with CYS not investigating allegations, covering allegations up, and still to this day believing that children are more suited to be with homeless mothers then suitable fathers or family members.

It is only a matter of time before we have one more child raped or killed in Butler, and sadly no one will point as to where the problem lies with the system. More children will get hurt or killed and nothing will be done with the system that is purposely hurting the system.

It has become a sad day and a sad reality when the residents of Butler County pay for this agency and feel this is acceptable, and choose to do nothing to stop this. How many children must be tortured and abused before someone steps in and takes a look at the system that was built to help children, but has turned into a child’s worst nightmare when CYS is called to be involved in a case.

If anyone is to blame for the death of Bentley Miller in Butler look no further then CYS. This is something that could have been avoided, yet they knew the child was being abused and the case workers took the mother side. And that piss poor decision resulted in the death of a four year old child that most have forgotten about already. Very sad!

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  1. I agree with you here. They suck, period. Theyre in it for their friends & the corrupt. Charlie Johns if not gone will be someday. Many others there are basically lying sacks of crap. Its bs in this town & they shouldve faced charges when it comes to ignoring tje signs for Bentley. If ever a group is formed to attempt to rid this town of the corruption, im in. Thanks for letting people know & keep reminding them. Hope for change.

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