BLAIR COUNTY – Tips Needed: Torianne Dodson goes on drug-induced crime spree in Altoona, stealing multiple vehicles



Torianne Dodson, currently on probation/parole for stealing a credit card of her ex-boyfriend (who was incarcerated at the time), has been on a crime-bender. Two cars have gone missing, a green Chevy Blazer belonging to Jake Smith first. (Jake Smith is a single dad who works two jobs, and relies on his vehicle to transport his child and get to work). And also stolen was a white Takota truck, which has since been recovered.

Torianne has been on a drug-bender conducting a crime spree across Altoona, and several victims have come forward. Jake Smith is desperately issuing online pleas for the return of his Chevy Blazer, and offering a $200 dollar reward.

Torianne has issued several defiant facebook videos, denying the theft of any vehicles (despite being spotted by several witnesses driving the car). Law enforcement has been notified, and the vehicle is listed as stolen. A recent witness came forward to say she spotted Torianne in the vehicle, but the license plate has been removed.

Jake Smith is a single dad, reliant on his car, and desperate for it’s return after it was stolen from him. Torianne purportedly is staying in the Bellville region, and is known previous offender in the court system for theft. Please lock your cars if you are in that area, as she is on a crime spree. Also keep your eye out for a green Chevy Blazer pictured above, which may or may not have a license plate. If you see Torianne, please notify LAW ENFORCEMENT IMMEDIATELY, as well Jake Smith via his facebook page: Jake Smith Facebook Page

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