BUTLER COUNTY: Jennifer Gilliland Vanasdale vs. Thomas Breth (PHOTOBOMB: Judge Thomas Doerr) – Upcoming Judicial Election is Political Knife Fight

The political tensions in Butler County are running high. Scandal lurks around every corner, and under every rock. The ultimate showdown between two adversarial attorneys running for Judge is brewing. It is an election show down full of twists and turns, and intertwined with a civil case that ties these two adverse Attorneys together beyond political rivalry, and into the realm of moral integrity.

Jennifer Gilliland Vanasdale vs. Thomas Breth for Butler County Judge replacing Judge Marilyn Horan.

In the center of this sh*t storm is the regular sexual deviant and judicial drama queen President Judge Thomas Doerr. With Breth entering the race after the announcement of Jennifer Gilliland Vanasdale, and with Breth’s firm’s personal representation of Judge Thomas Doerr in the pending federal civil suit, one has to wonder what Tom Doerr’s – a-hem, I mean Tom Breth’s – motives are for his recent entry into the Judicial race.

Jennifer Gilliland Vanasdale’s representation of whistleblower Crystal Starnes illustrates her willingness to fight corruption as a private lawyer, while not even being in office. Gilliland Vanasdale is well qualified to run on the podium of “integrity,” because it took some principled moral integrity to sue the President Judge. BACKSTORY: Judge Thomas Doerr was the Judge who was skinned-alive by black, Harvard educated federal Judge Cathy Bissoon for his defenses in the civil case against him leveraged by Crystal Starnes. Considering the rampant corruption in the Butler County courthouse (frequently covered here on this blog), Gilliland Vanasdale would seem a refreshing change.

Berth’s firm’s relationship as Doerr’s attorney leaves me immediately questioning his motives. The position of Judge should not be one won in a political chess game with the design to manipulate the voters. The position of Judge should be one won by merit by candidate most apt and willing to serve the public selflessly. Traits like young attorneys fearlessly taken on a president judge, representing a whistleblower in a perceived wrong illustrates traits that are of good moral character. I think moral character is long overdue in that courthouse, particularly given all the very recent and rampant scandal.

I think this exert from Judge Cathy Bissoon’s Opinion sums it up:

Additionally, Plaintiff alleged that her charge indicated the manner in which Holman, Ritson and Doerr discriminated against her. Id., at 74.4 Because the subject of Plaintiff’s alleged communications concerned Doerr’s inappropriate conduct, it concerned a publicly elected official’s impropriety. This certainly constitutes a matter of public concern. Plaintiff has pleaded more than general workplace complaints that only concern herself. [CITATION: Crystal Starnes vs. Butler County Court of Common Pleas et al; Opinion filed July 26; BY Federal Judge Cathy Bissoon, Eastern District].

See the following blogs for more information on the Crystal Starnes case, and coverage of other unseemly behavior by Judge Doerr:

Judge Thomas Doerr is currently facing a federal lawsuit, and purportedly under investigation by the Judicial Conduct Board.

Please stay tuned to my page for in depth election coverage of each political bombshell as it a occurs, and look forward to an upcoming blog exposing some more corrupt activities on the part of Judge Thomas Doerr. Much much more to come.

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