LAWRENCE COUNTY: Disgusting D.A. Josh Lamancusa – Woman Tied Down to Bed and Vaginally Anally Probe Searched, & CI Extorted and then Sexually Assaulted by DA


On November 13, 2013, Kimberlee Rae Carbone was pulled over at a traffic stop. The responding officer and police report recount that the officer thought that he had smelled “burnt marijuana.” Carbone’s car underwent a search, which turned up no weed, drugs or illegal items.

Still unsatisfied, the officer (without any search warrant) took her to the county jail and conducted a strip search of her. The filed Complaint reads: The Plaintiff was transported to the Lawrence County Jail where she was physically restrained and forced to undergo multiple strip searches by female correction officers. During these searches, the Plaintiff was made to disrobe, bend over, spread her buttocks, cough and repeatedly insert her fingers into her vagina.

The Plaintiff was forced to repeatedly prod her personal areas by inserting her fingers into her vagina to remove an unknown item later determined not to exist.The Plaintiff was forced to once again bend over, spread her buttock, and cough while Defendants Brightshue and Savage again visually inspected her vaginal and rectal areas. During this entire ordeal, the Plaintiff was crying hysterically and insisting that there was no foreign substance concealed in any body cavity.

When repeated searches at the prison turned up no searches, the arresting officer phoned the chief of police and District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa to ask for advice. Lamancusa advised that Carbone should be taken to a hospital for a more invasive search by medical professionals. Prison gaurds and law enforcement do not have authorization to probe genitilia body cavities, only to look.

Carbone was transferred to Jameson County Medical Center. The Defendants Lamancusa, Salem, Maiella, and Dolquist informed Defendants Geiser and Fee (hereinafter referred to as “the medical staff”) that the Plaintiff needed treated for a possible overdose, rectal packing and/or oral intake of a controlled substance. She was asked by a doctor if she would consent to an examination. When she refused to consent she was handcuffed by ankles and wrists to a hospital bed, where the search was conducted against her will. The medical staffs’ evaluation of the Plaintiff for any objective symptoms, which would confirm a possible overdose, rectal packing or oral intake of drugs, revealed that she was conscious and alert with normal cardiovascular and respiratory signs coupled with no associated signs or symptoms of acute distress. The Plaintiff’s hands and feet were secured to the bed and her clothing forcibly removed against her will. Defendants Lamancusa and Salem were present during these events.

Bernard Geiser, M.D. conducted an initial examination of her vagina and anus, but still could find no drugs during the invasive search.


Carbone was then asked to stand by the side of her hospital bed and urinate into a pan while Doctors and medical personnel watched. Male police officers inspected the bed pan and collected samples. The Complaint reads: The Plaintiff was then made to stand up in the examination room where Defendants Lamancusa, Salem, Maiella, and Dolquist were present and a bedpan was placed on a chair. The medical staff held up a privacy cover and made the Plaintiff squat over a chair and urinate into the bedpan. During this process, the privacy cover was mishandled and the Plaintiff’s genital area was partially exposed to the medical staff and Defendants Salem, Lamancusa, Dolquist and Maiella.

At some point during the “five hour calamity”, Carbone had an opportunity to speak with Joshua Lamancusa, who was intent on gaining confidential informant information from Kimberlee Carbone. During this assault, Defendant Lamancusa berated the Plaintiff by informing her that if she helped him by provided information regarding drug related activity the unreasonable and unconstitutional intrusion would end. During this assault, Defendants Lamancusa, Salem, Dolquist, Maiella, and medical staff harassed, mocked, and berated the Plaintiff by making derogatory remarks about her compromised position. Defendant Lamancusa further harassed, mocked, and berated the Plaintiff by asking her if she knew what prison felt like.

Carbone still insisted she did not have any drugs in her body cavities, and that she did not have any information to give.

Carbone was taken for a CAT scan to further confirm this. The CAT scan showed no inorganic objects in her body cavities. She was taken back to the exam room, where at the insistance of law enforcement, she was subjected to three more vaginal and anal probe searches. The first by the physician, who could find nothing, and the last two by nursing staff. She was then swabbed and the samples of the vaginal and rectal swabbing were passed to police.

At the order of Joshua Lamancusa, Carbone was released five hours later and no charges were pressed, because no drugs were ever found.


Extortion and sexual assault are at the center of Taylor F’s case. The suit declines to give her last name as she is a victim, but I would love to hear from her. After witnessing a murder in 2013, Taylor became a critical witness for Josh Lamancusa’s office. The lawsuit claims that at the time of the murder, Lamancusa had not been entirely forthright on what she saw. Only 17 at the time, she was not as quick as some seasoned police, who quickly she discovered the holes in her story and allegedly beat her. She was housed at the juvenile center.

Taylor, a 17 year old Mom, was left in jail till she would agree to testify against the shooter. While in jail, CYS removed her child from her and put that child in foster care. The lawsuit claims that while in child care the child suffered a life threatening diaper rash in eggregiously unsanitory conditions of the foster home.

Taylor sat in jail to her jail cell until Lamancusa brought her into his office. Lamancusa took the unusual step of inviting the criminal defendant back into his personal office (without presence of Judge or defense lawyer) to speak with her. Once she was alone with this predator in his office, Lamancusa’s tone changed. He was threatening. He began to make sexual advances towards her. She grew nervous, and uncomfortable. Mr. Lamancusa did his best to ease her fears, and he also went a step further. He made her promises. He promised her (while making sexual advances) that she would get her son back sooner if she “cooperated” with him. Desperate to see her family, frightened and sitting in front of one of her home county’s most powerful men, she folded. She, after all, just wanted her son back. She agreed to let him, and agreed to work as an informant.

But Lamancusa was slow to make good on his promises. Months passed. Her son was placed in a series of foster homes, while she fought for him. She got visitation, and knew enough about her son to know his life wasn’t that great and like her, he was also suffering. Later she would learn the extent of the abuse. He was being fed from bottles containing moldy milk. he was hardly changed, and when he was changed his diaper rash was so painful and severe, he screamed the entire time.

Even though Lamancusa hadn’t kept his word to return her son, and as her son cycled through abusive foster homes, Taylor steadily kept her word. In June 2016, she testified against the shooter that Lamancusa wanted so badly to nail. Lamancusa continued with his sexual advances. Taylor continued with her pleas that she might get her son back to her. Lamancusa continued with his false promises.

Taylor’s suit would come later, after much disappointment trusting in “authorities” in the system. Taylor’s suit would come years after she (helplessly) watched her son suffer, and undergo years of neglect and abuse while she BEGGED to regain custody. Lamancusa did NOTHING to keep his word, when the trial ended so did his “concern” for Taylor’s son. The sexual impropriety was just a caveat to the whole story, and didn’t seem to concern Lamancusa….. At least it didn’t concern Lamancusa until Taylor took matters into her own hands. She swept the broken promises up into a small pile on the floor. She took all her injuries and compiled them to sit in front of her broken heart as evidence of what was wrong. Lamancusa took this as some sort of threat, or joke, or nothing that scared him or that he should take seriously. After all, he was some big shot attorney and she was some broke single mom trash. Her sexuality was like a lunch break. He was never into her, persay, and he would only help her so as long as she helped him “score” a conviction, and gave him the sex he demanded along the way. When it came to helping her, why should he?

Mr. Lamancusa said Taylor F. is lying. Not only are her allegations fanciful but they are outright falsifications,” he said. The problem with Lamancusa’s argument is that there were witnesses and that there are other women who tell the same story (different version) but essentially the same story.

Like every Pennsylvania District Attorney he claimed to have no involvement with CAC or CYS (LIES, LIES, LIES). The District Attorneys office is inherently tied to CYS, and they can exert as much control as they would like. The CAC turns evidence over to the DA’s office so the DA’s office can decide whether not to prosecute cases in child abuse/neglect cases.

Lamancusa wasn’t concerned about lying to a broke single mom who was so desperate to get her son back she was willing to provide him with sexual favors. That was someone you could step on, or step over.  Her life didn’t matter. As he lived with power, prestige and financial freedom, it bothered him not to see her suffer in poverty or to watch her struggle to get her son back, a son which he dangled over her head callously like a carrot she would never reach. Meanwhile, Lamancusa went home sexually satisfied and enjoyed his own children.

He retaliated in the press: he denied any involvement with CYS and said that the idea that the district attorney has any control over what CYS does is “offensive.” The explanation seemed reasonable to people outside the CJS, but Judges and lawyers and people familiar with the system laughed at Lamancusa’s deflection. The District Attorney’s office has a lot to due with CYS, and anybody who thinks those two entities of CYS and the DA’s office operate inside seperate vacuums is just misinformed.



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