BUTLER COUNTY – Judge Thomas Doerr’s Tangled Web, More Insight into Twisted & Incestuous Butler County Courts

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Here is what I am finding out:

Tom Breth is running for Judge in Butler County, and his firm represents Judge Thomas Doerr in the civil case brought by Starnes for workplace retaliation (See CITATIONBUTLER COUNTY: Judge Doerr Slammed by Federal Judge Cathy Bisson, “He certainly is a cause for public concern” – Scathingly & Unamused Judicial Opinion Ridicules Butler Co. Judge)

Tom Breth is ALSO president of the Butler County Bar Association and works closely with Jackie Dimun Marchyshyn, who is Vice President of the Butler County Bar Association. Jackie Dimun Marchyshyn is also the County Concilliator and Solicitor for Domestic Relations in Butler County Family Courts. She frequently appeared/appears in front of Judge Doerr.

When Jackie DM is not appearing in front of Judge Doerr, she is reporting to him. Though Judge Doerr has been removed from his supervisory role in Butler Courts of Butler personnel, he purportedly attends all administrative meetings and takes a large role in personnel decision making (clearly influential because he was able to get Starnes a job).

Jackie Dimun Marchyshyn’s elevated level of authority, (she wears many hats apparently) has recently been extended to Crystal Starnes. Starnes (according to rumors in the courthouse) is the only parol officer to be supervised by an attorney (with no parole officer training or qualifications). Apparently Jackie’s close friendship with Doerr’s wife has Jackie keeping a close watch on Doerr, and a close watch over Starnes.

After all, Butler is ALL ABOUT political favors, and political nepotism. When Judge Doerr used to preside over family courts it was Judge Doerr’s own wife (Attorney Lori Doerr) and District Attorney Rich Goldinger’s wife (Attorney Rebecca Lozzi) who got the hook up on almost ALL the county Guardian Ad Litem cases, becoming the highest paid Gaurdian Ad Litem lawyer in the county. It PAYS to know Doerr. 

Doerr uses his judicial office to his own ends without keeping tax payers in mind. Whatever he can gain from office, or milk from the voters, he takes. Instead of faithfully and competently performing his duties as an elected public servant, he has engulfed the county in lawsuits and scandal. He has used and abused that office to his own selfish ends.

The nepotism within Butler is astounding. Indeed Attorneys like Ron Elliott who is representing Doerr as one of his defense lawyers is now appearing in front of Doerr in court, and Doerr is not recusing himself. Attorneys are not filing motions to recuse Judge Doerr (in most cases), which leaves the obvious bias that is rumored to be occuring: Judge Doerr is slanting his rulings to favor his own attorneys, because he wants them to BAIL HIS ASS OUT OF the mess with the Crystal Starnes lawsuit, which now is under review by the Judicial Conduct Board.

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