BUTLER COUNTY – Shaun Krill, 39, arrested for dui, but the following Butler residents said it is FINE if he drinks and drives

In one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen on Butler News, yesterday we posted that Shaun Krill, 39 or Oakland Township was arrested for DUI. Krill is the new sponser of Pullman park and hit a foul ball with the latest dui arrest, yet, Butler residents said it is just fine if Krill drinks and drives, who cares if he kills someone else, the reasoning was because his wife just died he has a possible pass at killing a child or a family driving drunk..

Krill Dui.jpg

Here are an exert of some of Butler County’s finest sticking up for the guy that hit the foul ball and decided to drink and drive. And I quote.

Terri Ariss This poor family has been through so much and I couldn’t imagine his pain.. please take down this picture. His poor wife suffered enough and his poor kids. They are great people

Let me answer you-His poor family did NOT make the man go out, endanger others and drink and drive. Terri Ariss.jpg

And then we move on to the next bumbling idiot, who said the following….and I quote.

Don Campbell The fact of the matter was he didn’t hit anyone an he was on a back road… I don’t know about anyone else but I’m pretty sure everyone has driven the back roads drunk cruising an boozing

Answer…Well idiot, I doubt you are right about that one. Campbell

But wait, there is more.

Don Campbell Not everyone knows what its like when you lose your best friend ya people lose people everyday but watch someone die from cancer who you couldn’t picture yourself without its all pain believe me

Well, everyone dies, and a lot of people lost best friends, that does not mean to put others at risk. DUH.

Campbell 2

I do promise everyone, the idiocy gets even better..just check out this fine Butlerite.

“Dot Powers Enough! This man just recently lost his wife! Have some empathy for goodness sakes!”
Dot, but for “gods sake, it is okay for him to endanger others! I understand now!
Dot Powers
“Shauna Ritzert Have some compassion for this poor man! Delete this post! PLEASE!!”
The amazing thing here is, she is related to probation officers and the police. I am wondering if she asked the arresting officer to have compassion? or If she will just ask her family in probation to forget all about it…Butler corruption ….
Butler News did find a new chief idiot by this comment…
“Paul Edwards Get over it already! So what if he was arrested for driving drunk everyone fucks up every now and then even me! But I for got all you people are perfect!”
Paul, you are a fucking idiot, nuff said. Judging by the picture here of Paul, I can see why he seems to approve of drinking and driving, because posting shit like this on facebook makes ya look good Paul. Guess you are a labor anyways.
Paul edwards
In closing, I do not write Butler articles all that often, but I have never seen such a bunch of goat fucking backwoods small town idiots then these people. Saying DUI is fine because his wife died. I could not give a shit about his wife who died, what I with the rest of normal society care about is when we are out, leaving work, or with our kids, not to possibly get killed by a drunken fucking idiot.





  1. I am not saying drinking and driving is okay. So let’s make sure you understand that!! Drinking and driving is not okay. So we got that straight. For most Americans driving 2 beers would be a DUI. One joint could be a DUI. I’m quite capable of driving home responsible with either or without being a threat to society. But considering over half the population that drives drinks or smokes or takes precipitation pills. That’s just the way it is. So get over it. To make a statement ” I could not give a shit about his wife” that he watched die of cancer is insane. I am so glad it wasn’t my wife cause I would drive to Butler and beat you like u should be beaten. Not only for the wife, but also for the fact that you have the nerve to publicly post something so ruthless and despicable. And talk shit to and I promise you I don’t have a dog in the fight but if you think you have what it takes right the check m f and I’ll cash it I promise pussy.

  2. Let me make this real clear I don’t support drinking and driving. Half of all licensed driver’s have 2 beers, smoke one joint, or take prescription medication. All of them would be guilty of DUI. The guy made a mistake and he has to deal with that, but to say” I don’t give a shit about his dead wife” is disgraceful to say the least. In glad it wasn’t my wife you are talking about because I would hunt you down and beat you like my wife would want me too. First of all u must be an inbred or suicidal. Either way that was unexceptable. Please don’t talk shit to me for you sticking your neck out their cause I have nothing to do but handle my business. You get it??? I won’t ask for you to take the post down id rather make u eat it.

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