HAPPY VALLEY CITIZEN IS GROWING…… Seeking Political Pundits, News Breakers, Loud Mouths, Gossip Queens, Activists and Whistleblowers to Join Us.

Do you live in Pennsylvania? Are you passionate about politics, reform, exposing corruption, criminal/civil law?  Do you have something to say and want a liberal well-read platform in which to say it? Do you live in a county that is rampant with political corruption and would like to expose it? Do you just have something to say? Happy Valley Citizen is a page that has recently grown in writers, and has consistently grown with a loyal underground following. We keep our ears to the ground, we seldom keep our opinions to ourselves, and we publish what the papers often are reluctant to write about. We take tips from people across Pennsylvania, and occasionally – very occasionally – select worthy and well vetted politicians (from either party) to rally our support behind. Publish under your own name, or you publish under a pen name, either way, here is one way (of many) to get your name out/get the word out on pressing or entertaining political issues.

To submit a piece for publication; or, offer a tip on a story (and we might write it for you),contact happyvalleycitizen@gmail.com.

Go rogue, HVC

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