Butler City Police Search For Strangulation Suspect Danny Nichols

 A felony arrest warrant has been issued for 37-year-old Danny Nichols of Butler.

Butler City Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a local man wanted in the alleged assault of a juvenile. Who is said to be his own child.

Police believed he was inside the home; they obtained a search warrant and arrest warrant for him and surrounded the home for several hours- at times, using flash bangs and tear gas rounds into the house, but got no response. Because no one was there and the police felt like destroying property that night instead of technology to see if he was inside of the home.

The homeowner will now have to pay tens of thousands for damage to the home. The city police say they are not responsible for the damages.

Neighbors tell Butler News that the City Police were not watching the back of the home, and while they were gassing the house officers were not paying attention, they say he ran out of the back of the house, and no one seen him.

Butler City Police are now asking that anyone with knowledge of Nichols’ whereabouts to call 911. He is being charged with strangulation.




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