Dangerous sex offender working at Slippery Rock Towing

User Submitted: Disturbing.

“Just some info on Paul Claypoole and Greg Geibel. This latest arrest was not his first. In the mid 90s he did a year in Butler County Prison for raping a 13 or 14 year old girl. Hes never been convicted for anyone else, but there have been multiple other victims. Someone said they thought Greg was into kids, they hit that right on the head. He raped a girl from the time she was 2 until she was 4. He’s also been accused of molesting other young girls. According to him he didnt do it, someone told them to say that. Hes also a multiple time convicted felon and has spent more time in jail than out.”

Slippery Rock Towing & Repair

These are some serious accusations, it is also troubling he has Paul possibly living and working with him at a free haunted house.

Claypoole in more disturbing news took part in a haunted house at the towing company this past October

I posted this as this is one of several emails and messages I have received about the owner of this business, and Paul Claypoole.

If you have more information about this sex offender being near children, please email me the information at jcastoak@aol.com

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