Jail sexual assault case against 27-year-old Luis Quinones nolle prossed.

Butler News has just spoken to our legal editor Armand Cingolani, Cingolani tells Butler News that the charges against his client Luis Quinones has been nolle prossed. This means the charges have been dismissed.

Butler News called this outcome, saying in the beginning that this was nothing more then some inmates that made a story up to be released from jail, there are cameras everywhere in the kitchen of the jail, butler news come to find out that the cameras inside of the jail found no footage of the incidents, the man was one hundred percent innocent. Quinones had his life destroyed for no reason.

Butler News asked Armand Cingolani if he will sue the county for the case being dismissed, Cingolani made the following quote ” I do not know I am of the theory that I defend people his intent. someone else can sue.”

To nolle prossed means as follows. “abandon or dismiss (a suit) by issuing a nolle prosequi.”

The case dates back many years with the district attorney spending thousands in tax dollars to prosecute a case that had no merit. The district attorney continued the case over and over and refused to pick a jury and go to trial since 2016.

Luis Quinones was accused of sexually harassing and assaulting Butler County Prison inmates, the charges lead to two inmates being released from prison for making this story up. Quinones was accused of harassing and assaulting two inmates back in May 2016 while working for Trinity Services Group, which provides food service for the prison.

Armand Cingolani, faced a hell of a one sided task in this case, at the preliminary Cingolani was refused by BT Fullerton to call witnesses in the case, Cingolani was not allowed to cross the accusers in the case. It was truly a good old boys case that was one sided for the state. Armand Cingolani argued there was insufficient evidence to move forward, but Fullerton disagreed. Turns out in the end Fullerton was wrong. The prosecution was allowed to call witnesses at the preliminary, the DA only called county Chief Detective Chuck Barger, who testified about his interviews with the two inmates and Quinones about the allegations.

Both of the inmates that made the story up has filed a lawsuit against Luis Quinones  alleging the following.  The lawsuit, which was filed in the Western District Court of Pennsylvania, is seeking damages for the deprivation of constitutional rights of two inmates, listed as John M.H. Doe and John B.G. Doe. The lawsuit alleges that the two men who were held in the prison on “low-level offenses” were subjected to sexual assault perpetrated by Quinones. Both inmates, of Butler, were working on the kitchen staff at the time of the alleged offenses, and they reported the incidents, but no action was taken, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit further claimed that following the report of these incidents, the men faced ridicule by both prison staff and other inmates.

You can read the lawsuit by clicking the link below.



The lawsuit that I would now suspect has no merit posted the following on their ambulance chasing website. You can see this by clicking the link below.

Hearing for Inmates Who Were Sexually Assaulted

The District Attorney refused to comment on the case.

Is it not odd that none of the other media is covering this in Butler? Because when someone like myself goes to trial and is proven innocent, or charges are dismissed, they sweep these things right under the rug. You often must wonder how those in the DAs office sleep at night knowing they have multiple people locked up for crimes they know they did not commit, but they are that desperate to get that probation conviction.

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