Jesse Wahler, 25, of Butler, charged after punching his 2 year old son in the mouth

Jesse Wahler, 25, of Butler was arrested on charges that he struck a young child in the face during a domestic in Butler City, his girlfriend accused Wahler of hitting their 2-year-old son in the mouth, causing cuts and bleeding. She also provided pictures of the injuries of the child, along with access to the child for investigation.

Wahler was arrested and arraigned on a charge of simple assault. Wahler is in the Butler County Prison on $15,000 bail.




  1. Did you ever think that the girlfriend is bat sh** insane and actually abused child and falsely accused Jesse. Keep an Eye out for Paige (Constance Kern). She needs a trip to the looney bin.

  2. He would not ever ever hit his kid, she is a notch just because she don’t get what she wants, they should see her she would do it just to get even with Jesse!!!!

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