Local woman that killed her child via suffocation is working at a nursing home.

Multiple people have messaged Butler News about this, it is in reference to Tracy Mccurdy suffocating her baby in 2003.

Here is more about Mccurdy, in 2003 she was convicted of the following.

McCurdy after her arrest told police after her baby died on Oct. 4, 2002, she had pressed her infant daughter’s face to her bosom, locked her arms behind the baby’s head, and held her that way until she stopped breathing. She told police she had done the same four times before to quiet the baby.

McCurdy, of Evans City went onto say she could not go to trial because she was mentally retarded, the Butler County Prison psychologist made the following statement into which sent her to trial. “Tracy Lynn McCurdy, of Evans City, may be mentally retarded, but she is capable of cooperating with her defense, Butler County prison psychiatrist Dr. Grace McGorrian testified back in 2003”

McGorrian said she evaluated McCurdy and determined that she has become more familiar with the legal system and is now “minimally competent.” At least two studies show McCurdy to have an IQ in the 50s.

You can read updates and more on that case by clicking the link below.


McCurdy was the first Jordan Lambing in Butler, accept it was her own child she killed with no remorse.In the end for some unknown reason she was given 30-60 months in prison. She maxed out that prison term, and now married Richard Brown and lives in a trailer helping raise her husbands children.

Now we come to 2018, where a person messaged me saying he had to remove his mother from Paramount Senior Living Center in Seven Fields, the tipster said he noticed that a CNA working there looked familiar and he thought he saw her on Butler News before, when he found the old listing he said he was shocked, disturbed and feared for his own mothers safety. Wherefore he removed his mother from the nursing home immediatey.

Paramount Senior Living Center had no comment, and would not confirm of deny that McCurdy had worked there. A receptionist only said ” we will look into the incident”

This is a woman that smothered her own child with a pillow, she murdered her own child, there is no reason for her to even be on the streets, let alone working in a nursing home with elderly residents that could not defend themselves against her. Butler County dropped the ball with this woman in 2003, she should have never been given a second chance at life after killing an infant.





  1. I work at Paramount senior living at cranberry. I am a Medtech there. I remember this and can say that she never actually worked there. She never made it through the inital orientation. She never even got close enough to take care of any of the residents there.

  2. Fortunately for Paramount Senior Living and our beloved Residents, Ms. Mccurdy never had any contact with any resident at any time. We adamantly refute what is stated in this article. To clarify, Ms. Tracy Mccurdy applied to work at the location, falsified application documents and attempted multiple times to mislead Paramount. She was scheduled for general orientation contingent upon a background check. Staff was unaware of the applicant’s past criminal history as she falsified her application, asserting a clean record. Ms. Mccurdy further tried to disguise her past by not submitting her maiden name for submission on her background check. She appeared for general orientation to fill out paperwork, as is standard practice and permitted by the regulatory body; however, Ms. Mccurdy never worked on the floor nor had any contact with residents at the facility whatsoever. Prior to beginning her training, her background check was properly processed and received, despite attempts to disguise past history and Ms. Mccurdy was terminated immediately, again, prior to providing care to any residents. Paramount Senior Living upholds a high standard for nurses, caregivers, and all staff in order to work with our beloved senior population. We would never sacrifice resident safety and well-being and we are appalled by the accusation that we knowingly and continually employed a criminal of this nature. Thankfully due to the high integrity, proper training, love for their residents, and attention to detail by the staff at Paramount Senior Living, this scenario never occurred despite Ms. Mccurdy’s multiple attempts to mislead Paramount Senior Living staff. We as senior management of Paramount will ensure these efforts do not go unrewarded. We invite anyone to stop in for a tour at Paramount Senior Living at Cranberry for a firsthand experience with us!

  3. Don’t that nursing home do a background check for maiden and marriage names?!!! It is not fair to the elderly persons!!!!!!

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