Paramount Senior Living at Cranberry makes a statement denying convicted child killer was ever near residents

Paramount Senior Living at Cranberry Fortunately for Paramount Senior Living and our beloved Residents, Ms. Mccurdy never had any contact with any resident at any time.
We adamantly refute what is stated in this article. To clarify, Ms. Tracy Mccurdy applied to work at the location, falsified application documents and attempted multiple times to mislead Paramount.
She was scheduled for general orientation contingent upon a background check. Staff was unaware of the applicant’s past criminal history as she falsified her application, asserting a clean record.
Ms. Mccurdy further tried to disguise her past by not submitting her maiden name for submission on her background check. She appeared for general orientation to fill out paperwork, as is standard practice and permitted by the regulatory body; however, Ms. Mccurdy never worked on the floor nor had any contact with residents at the facility whatsoever. Prior to beginning her training, her background check was properly processed and received, despite attempts to disguise past history and Ms. Mccurdy was terminated immediately, again, prior to providing care to any residents. Paramount Senior Living upholds a high standard for nurses, caregivers, and all staff in order to work with our beloved senior population.
We would never sacrifice resident safety and well-being and we are appalled by the accusation that we knowingly and continually employed a criminal of this nature. Thankfully due to the high integrity, proper training, love for their residents, and attention to detail by the staff at Paramount Senior Living, this scenario never occurred despite Ms. Mccurdy’s multiple attempts to mislead Paramount Senior Living staff. We as senior management of Paramount will ensure these efforts do not go unrewarded.
We invite anyone to stop in for a tour at Paramount Senior Living at Cranberry for a firsthand experience with us!



It should be said on the end of Butler News, for some reason McCurdy herself chimed in and was threatened so bad on the page that I banned her, she did say in the article that she was going to be fired, and it was all my fault. Multiple uses and employees have messaged the page saying this home will “hire anyone” and gave me a list of employee names and told me to investigate, we are working on that now, but thus far did find one person with multiple minor drug convictions. Butler News also realizes everyone needs a second chance.

The OP absolutely stands by his submitting, telling Butler News ” I wish I had recorded it but I did not know who she was at first”

McCurdy at this time still lists on her Facebook Paramount Senior Living at Cranberry as her employer, I am sure if she has any brains that will change sooner then later.


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  1. I worked with the elderly for years. The background check does take a little time. I don’t know this particular facility but their are ppl working with the elderly with violent criminal records because once hired they don’t check again. These ppl stay in that job because if they quit the next place will discover the crime. There are also ppl who have a clear background check who are violent or abusive with residence.

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