The owner of Mickeys Pizza never paid me

Dear Butler News.

I see the reports you have on Mickey on you page. (I did after the fact) and I have learnt a hard less.

I work 40 hours a week, yet thought I needed extra income this holiday season as I am a mother with two children and a husband that also works fulltime. We are nothing more then your typical working class family.

I saw an ad in the newspaper for part time delivery drivers, I thought why not as we planned on buying a new car after the holidays, I thought why not run the current one into the ground for some extra cash.

I got the job at Mickeys pizza and I saw a lot of horrific things, staff using drugs, no one uses gloves, no one cares about washing hands, the place is just run by filth, I witnessed a person drop a salad on the floor, scoop it up, and sent it out.

When it come to payday Micky told me that he had not run to the bank and I could get the money tomorrow, this went on for three days before I walked out and quit. I worked for 12 days and never was paid.

When I told Mickey I was going to take him to court if I was not paid he yelled racist statements at me, then went on to ask if I was on parole for some reason? I am not on parole, but I have come to learn that he will employ people to bully them and not pay them.

When I told the owner this was my kids xmas money he told me I would have made more money giving oral sex out, and to get out of his business before he calls the cops.

My husband has consulted with an attorney who told us that the firm is aware of Mickey, but he is nothing but a broke bum, and it would be like trying to get blood from a stone suing the loser.At this point we are not aware as to what we are going to do, seems worthless to spend a few thousand to sue someone so pathetic, and believe me, Mickey is pathetic.

I would suggest by my experience to never buy a thing off the man, he is located on Race Street in Butler City. Why would anyone want to support a thief who felt good about ripping off a mother that works two jobs to provide a good life for her kids. This is a man with no integrity.


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