The Trouble in Gregg Township, RTK War Waging – Centre County

36830409_10156393823773480_4170998691408117760_oI thought the political drama had all but died down, after the election, as we approach the winter months, then I read about Gregg Township in the Centre Daily Times. I also took the liberty of visiting Michelle Grove’s website, watching her youtube channel and speaking to her personally trying to understand all the hostility that I had witnessed on her youtube channel.

The township has been in a Right to Know war for quite some time. Grove is requesting items such as internet browsing history and camera footage to compare with time card punches to make sure there is no employee salary fraud occurring. Meanwhile, the township, under the guise that it was cooperating and doing the best they can, has fought five right to know requests tooth and nail and spent township tax dollars doing it.

The meetings themselves have degenerated into catty, political, hostile, vile insult tossing. Some of the insult hurling, or “heckling”, as Michelle Grove calls it, is cruel bullying behaviors. It’s a club of mean girls except sitting on a municipality. Misguided local citizens take the side of the township and get upset at the Groves.

The law clearly states that Grove does not need a reason to request the records, and that there is no limit to the number of records she is asking for. The township (without the vote or consent of the voters in the municipality) chose to wage their own war with Michelle Grove. The simpler option (I believe) would have been to just turn over the records.

Unless there is something to hide?

All the same, the bullying is deplorable to watch. And it is unprofessional and highly unnecessary. Half the time watching these Gregg Township meetings on youtube, I didn’t know if I was watching a pack of middle school girls or a city council meeting. No matter how many opinions diverge, we can still keep the discussion civil. Shame on some of these community members who are ostracizing and bullying a citizen after she exercised her right to request records under the freedom of information act.

That anger is misdirected! Try asking the township supervisor why they spent so much money taking these requests to court, when they should have just turned the records over?

Stay tuned. Happy Valley Citizen will be bringing you more coverage of this story this week.

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