Man who police say punched or slapped his own child faced charges of sexually assaulting a 5 year old in Mercer County

Jesse Wahler, 25, of Butler was arrested on charges that he struck a young child in the face during a domestic in Butler City, his girlfriend accused Wahler of hitting their 2-year-old son in the mouth, causing cuts and bleeding. She also provided pictures of the injuries of the child, along with access to the child for investigation.

Wahler was arrested and arraigned on a charge of simple assault. Wahler is in the Butler County Prison on $15,000 bail.

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Soon after this story broke MULTIPLE women messaged the page about this man, saying he hangs near play grounds, and is just an odd person. Then one person sent me criminal charges about Wahler that is troubling.
In Mercer County Wahler faced charges of sexual assault of a 5 year old girl. I called Mer News who is a news partner and asked about this case. Butler News was sent the following links to his criminal record, please click the link to read more.
Butler News is told that Wahler got a break and got probation for the sexual assault of this child. (Go figure)
Multiple women have messaged the page asking me to alert the residents of Butler.
Whaler is currently facing simple assault for hitting his own child in the mouth in Butler, the child is two years old, his bond was only $15,000.00
Wahlers family on the original post promptly got onto Butler News and said his girlfriend Paige Kern went to his preliminary hearing and admitted she lied and Wahler never punched or hit the child.
Butler News come to find out none of this is true. You can see his dockets by clicking the link below.
In the Mercer County case Wahler was accused of some serious accusations against a very young child, we called the DA in Mercer and were told he would not comment about the past plea deal in which he did not have to register on Megans law, and was sentenced to probation as a tipster tells Butler News that the parents did not want to put a very young child on trial.
I was surprised at how many females messaged this page asking me to expose this man and how “creepy” his actions are when he is near children.
In Mercer County he was on “Sex offender” probation that would have banned him from being near children, but that probation is now maxed out.
I think this is a PSA for Butler County residents to please watch your child around this man, if you read the set of charges they are disturbing, and we will not post the details here but can be found online.

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