Jordan Lambing, the man who killed a 4 year old in Butler, allegedly placed on a “pod” at BCP. Guard says he “fits in well”

Keith Jordan Lambing who is incarcerated for the rape and murder of Bentley Miller, 4,  has made a move from within the Butler County Prison, Lambing has been placed on “c-pod” at the Butler County Prison.

C-Pod is a pod that is known to house child molesters as well as snitches and people in P.C.

A source at the jail who works on “c-pod” went on to tell Butler News the following.

“Lambing is fitting in well with the sex offenders, at first the inmates on the block were not thrilled Lambing would be placed on the pod, after he was there for a day or two he fits in with the other sex offenders, he has been seen playing cards, making a “chi” (prison food) and generally has mixed well with the inmates”

Lambing has been telling anyone who will listen that he did not rape and kill Bentley Miller, Lambing went as far as to contact Butler News and tell me that he did not kill this child, and he did not rape this child. Lambing reached out via third party letter. Lambing went on to say that the DA has offered 40 years for the crime, and that the Eagle is “lying” when they say the DA is pushing for the death penalty.

Lambing being moved into general population is not surprising to me, him being placed on this pod is not a surprise, in my humble opinion he should have been placed in general population on E-Pod.

There has been no movement in the Lambing case. It is a capital case so it will take years for this to plea out or go to trial.


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