The case against Brittany Hartos, 26, who is accused of threats against the DA and VOICe is going no where

Here is the back story of Brittany Hartos, who has been charged with threats against the District Attorney, and was just arrested for threatening VOICe workers in Butler, and the case (although I am not an attorney, is simply bullshit)

  1. Brittany Hartos, 26,of Irwin, who was already charged with making threats to district attorney Goldinger catches new charges, this time for bullshit threats against VOICe.

    Hartos, is accused of ,repeatedly communicated “vulgar calls” and “implied threats of violence” toward Linda Strachan, executive director of VOICe, and her three colleagues who refused to help Hartos when she was alleged she was raped last year.

    VOICe also said it was a “threat” when Hartos “threatened to file formal complaints and civil lawsuits against the employees”

    I personally am still waiting for VOICe who is run by man hating worthless women to file these types of charges against me.

    Hopefully much like Karen Bergs daughter Hartos will be able to hide her convictions like an attorney at VOICe did for her daughter after her child abused Bergs grandchild, and was convicted of crimes. All of a sudden, those dockets are gone.

    Basically, do as VOICe says and never talk back, and they brag how they help there rape and sexual assault victims, but the truth is VOICe only helps themselves.

    Hartos attorney Vic Vouga told the Eagle that he is confident the charges will be dismissed, he said the charges included a count of M3 harassment.

    On a side note, the state is yet to take Hartos to trial for the “threatening” of the district attorney Rich Goldinger, who oddly filed the charges in this matter.

    Humble opinion, this is what happens when someone is a real victim, and so many people claim falsely of being a victim, the real victims suffer.

  2. Brittany Marie Hartos, 25, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and terroristic threats after police say she called the National Crisis Hotline on Saturday and threatened to “go to Goldinger’s house and work if necessary to kill him.”

    Hartos is being held at the Butler County Prison in lieu of $100,000 bond.

    Goldinger issued a statement Monday addressing the threats that said he was informed by police of the threats on Saturday and Hartos was arrested before any threat was carried out.

    Goldinger said his office, and other prosecutor offices around the country, make difficult prosecutorial decisions that aren’t popular. He said violence is never the answer to demonstrate an opinion or voice concerns.

    3. What none of the media is talking about is that the rape accusations Hartos made, were against a professor that has been submitted here on Butler News before for trying to take advantage of other girls at SRU

When the accusations were made, Hartos followed all of the steps by calling the police, rape kit, but Goldinger refused to investigate the case. Butler News then come to find out there was a link between the DA and the professor, it is alleged that the DA would not prosecute the professor because he is a known “good guy” at SRU. It should be said that in the past Butler News received accusations about the professor and there was no proof to post a story, Hartos would now be the third person to accuse this person of a sexual assault type of crime.

4. Hartos spoke with WTAE telling them the following. You can see the full story by clicking the link below.""

“Hartos said she was angry with the DA, because a man who she said hurt her was not being prosecuted”


” I just said he refused to press charges about the guy who took me and raped me and I said something like ‘I just want to kill him’ or something like that,” said Hartos”

Hartos was released to have a mental health eval, sources tell Butler News the mental health eval showed nothing of significance.

The district attorney went on to tell the press that there was audio recordings that had Hartos threatening the DA on the phone, through right to know we have come to find out the truth that there is NO audio recordings of the night hartos is alleged to have said she was going “kill the district attorney”

The media has been mislead about this case by the police and the district attorney, and the public needs to see what sort of funds us tax payers are paying for these worthless cases, they drain the county all so the DA can feel good about himself like he is doing a good job.

The Hartos case has stalled, attorney Vic Vouga has now picked up the case, when Butler News asked Mr Vouga his thoughts he told Butler News that “he feels confident it is a weak case, and he looks forward to her having her day in court”

Sources tell Butler News that Hartos has been offered everything from ARD to a summary fine with time served for all of her “dangerous crimes” Hartos has turned down all of the pleas and said she wants a trial.

It should be interesting to see how this case plays out, the “media” should be posting the true facts in this case, but when you are in bed with the DA and have Christmas parties at the Eagle and invite the DA, clearly this is bias media on the other end. And one of the reasons we keep Butler News around.




  1. Please keep up the good reporting. As we all know that the butler District Attorney’s office is a farce and pathetic. There is not one stitch of integrity to be seen there. Why haven’t each and every one of them been run out of town?

    1. I absolutely agree with you and will keep following Butler County. Please keep me posted with any tips, news or potential stories you may hear and I am happy to publish on anything of pressing concern pertaining to Butler Courts.

  2. You are doing some excellent work in your reporting here. Very solid alternative media.

    Are you interested in going bigger? I think you are on to something, repirting the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex in your area.

    As for Hartos, keep supporting her. The DVIC cowards depend upon plea deals, backed by gray area “high policing,”aka political policing.

    These are almost all first amendment cases and the Domestic Violence Industry was designed primarily to police speech, with the usual suspects behind it.

    And, if the DA claims ON RECORD that there is a recording, Hartos should invedtigate first and secobd party wiretapping statutes in your state, because the DA or whoever likely broke the law recording her.

    And, if that POS is on record claiming a recording, but then says none exists, her case wil get tossed for spoliation of evidence.

    Also: because Fusion Centers are integral in these cases, breaking the law and wiretapping/recording, Hartos can subpoena their call data too.

    But because .most cases these days derive from Fusion Center wiretapping, DAs, cops, etc. will do anything to hide that fact, and so they offer plea deals in every case (which are non-starters to begin with.)

    I love this: Hartos has turned down all of the pleas and said she wants a trial….

    Yup. Thats the only way to defeat DVIC policing is to drain the cities/states coffers with useless trials created by desperate DVIC DAs.

    So many of these cases start in universities/ community colleges with crybullies and Kommunity Kulture Klub rape-o professors policing speech and ideas that you could write a novel about just

    Google search -Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein, a real case, where one of these DVIC crybully professors was called out as harasser.

    1. Def interested in getting bigger. My heart went out to Hartos when I read that story. If you are interested in publishing or know anyone who is, they can possibly join us. We have a number of writers now.

  3. Hi,Rogue.

    Yes, I am interested in financing new media to cover this DVIC nightmare, and its inherent corruption.

    Can you write to me at the email listed at my blog?


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