Unseen pictures of the arrest of the child killer and child rapist Jordan Lambing

I do not think people realize when Jordan Lambing was arrested, only Butler News was there, how this all happened was an admin was at her house and all of a sudden she saw a person that looked like Lambing walking into a house.

One of the neighbors saw this, and the story goes they called the police, leading Butler News being on scene when Lambing was arrested, it was the first time Butler News made the national news, leading to some of these pictures being used on all of the news stations, as well as Fox News.

These pictures are owned by Butler News, and any use will be reported down. If media would like ot use these pictures you may email jcastoak@aol.com for permission.

Pictures have never been seen, there is also a video I will post one day of Lambing and his mother being arrested. When Butler News broke this story, it trended number 5 in the world, leading to the old page receiving 2 million views. It was groundbreaking, and put Butler News number one on the map overnight.

Some of the photos included from the archives go on to show Butler News being the top story on the news for days when we got the picture everyone wanted.

Enjoy the pictures, it feels like an xmas gift watching this piece of garbage being arrested. Merry Christmas Butler County.

Share away so everyone can see the pictures.



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