Emporium woman turns down a days work, demands free gifts for christmas

An Emporium woman that has posted on more then 25 flea markets asking for gifts cloths, anything for Christmas has turned down a part time job offer.

Here is the original post. I am sure you have seen it EVERYWHERE and might have donated to her this past week.

Scam alert

A member of the community that is a business owner contacted this person, offered to help her with Christmas, this person I will not name as he owns a business in the aresa offered to help her with Christmas. At this time I will refrain from posting the texts, but he sums it up by asking her if she works, she says yes. He asked her if she wanted to make some extra money by delivering pizzas for him for a few days and painting the door outside of his business and a few of his rentals.

The person who wanted to help this woman tells Butler News ” I do not just want to give out money, I offered her a job for a few days, but what I intended on doing was just taking her to walmart to buy the toys for her children she wanted”

Work was offered, in turn she got nasty, telling me she can not work, but she said she owned a business, telling me I am texting the wrong number. She then told me that her account was hacked.

Others commented on the post about giving her gifts, I have spoken to two people who have given her things for her children. I have no real issue with this, what I have an issue with is this person clearly just wants a hand out. Tis the season right?

The person is now sending me these sort of text messages

“(814) 331-6800 My profile was hacked on facebook and it has a number you are contacting that isn’t me to a business for free gifts or something I reported it to facebook because they are using my picture some other business lady’s phone number who you are being very rude to so this post is not true. So go ahead report to whoever because I just reported it to facebook because there using my picture and another lady’s business number.”

Here is the 2nd text..

“Supposively on facebook you were complaining to someone about a post I Supposively wrote well my facebook was hacked and it has my picture and some other girl phone number on warren flea market”

Here are the first set of texts sent to the person. Notice the number, she says it was a hack after people donated to her.

The Wanderess Photography

(724) 331-6800

“If you’re trying to work for Xmas money, you can paint or something for me. Then you’re making money” (ME)


I do have a job. I own a business. So leave me alone and bother somebody else…
“Leave you alone? You’re asking for free gifts, I’m offering help. “
“To clarify, they never added (724)- to the number. TRY 412 if you want to tease somebody in need of help.”
“This phone number is owned by a small business and if you don’t stop harassing me, I will get the proper authorities involved.”
I do not know what I did wrong, but these portions of the conversation should raise a red flag, the plan was to actually take her to walmart. My budget was $3500.00 to help her and her children out.
I guess I send this into Butler News as a way to tell people and get the word out. Please be careful who you donate to this year, people need legit help, people like this just want a hand out. And that is saddening.


  1. If you want the true story text or call me 814 331 6800. And I got the lady number that was Supposively on this add that is not mine I messaged here and talked to here. This was all a big confusion. Her name is Brennan slate. They asked her not me because he had the wrong number, yes I messaged this guy after she got a hold of me and yes I told them I was willing to work as long as I could do it because i am disabled. If people would mind there own business and get the true story first and what happened. Like I said I have proof what actually happened on my phone.

  2. Also in my post this guy is saying and lying about who wrote this about me he I did not ask for donations I asked for cheap or free toys Thanku. And if you want true story contact me 814 331 6800 or Brennan slate. Its not my fault this guy or whoever wrote this add got numbers mixed up

  3. She does this every year asking for help. She does not work. She and her husband are lazy as fuck and don’t do anything. They are both on ssi. They do not have any kids. She can not get pregnant. I know this couple petsonally.

  4. I know Tonya. I guess you could say she is family in a way. She would be more than willing to help anyone just to provide Christmas for her family. (724) 331-6800 this is the number you were texting and was getting a negative reply from. Maybe you should try to text (814) 331-6800 and talk to the right person. Thanks in advanced.

  5. Well dang, I spend about $500 on 4 kids for Christmas because we’re not poor, but far from rich. I’ll deliver pizzas, paint doors, mop, sweep, wash your car, for weeks for a $3500 Christmas spending spree. $3500 represents about 5 weeks of 12 hour shifts at my current job. Can’t believe someone would turn that down.

    1. Right I wouldn’t that’s why this is a lie I got photos from the lady he was messaging it wasn’t me. The lady he messaged I been talking with. I do any job that I could do. If the person that offered the job could contact me it be great

    2. I was thinking the same damn thing… I have 4 kids also I work full time and my fiance works part time only got about 700 for all them … where is that number I’ll bring my own paint and brush and shit I’ll bring my toolbelt and build u new doors.. spending spree of 3500 for my kids they would be in heaven

  6. This girl asks for free stuff all the time and then turns around and sells it for cash. She and her husband are not disabled they LAZY!! They both need to get off their lazy asses get jobs. And learn how to spell, it’s supposedly not “supposively”!!

    1. I wish someone would help my daughter. She busts her butt 40 hours a week and can’t afford Christmas for her 2 little ones. I applied to a program for her but haven’t heard a word back. People make me sick trying to scam other individuals at this time of year!!

  7. She asked for free items last year too. She asks for free items all the time. It’s really sad this time of year when you get those people that try to demand free items, then turn around and sell it shortly after the holidays so they can get cash. I guess this is what the world has come to.

  8. Pretty sure he was caught watching porn in front of kids when they lived in the trailer park up sizerville but yet they have other people’s kids all the time it’s fucked up that he is aloud around the school and everything still half my kids kindgekinder graduation pictures have both those fat lazy fucks in them always asking for shit and reselling is an understatement I run a FB page and they are not welcome on it made sure they were blocked the first time I seen them begging for a electric wheel chair bc she’s to big to get out and do stuff with her family then two weeks later seen her trying to sell one she was given move the fuck outta town you chode strokers your making us all look bad but he’ll like someone said above 3500 bucks for an honest 60 hr week is still given money away and I’d take it in a heart beat!!!

  9. I would.gladly work so i can give my kids a christmas. My kids will have little this year and id give just about anything to provide gifts for them. Wish someone gave me the opportunity she was given

  10. my friend and I were going to help this woman ……in was even going to give her a few brand new toys my son never played with …..she told.me they were for her grandkids and she even sent me pics of children standing at the same bus stop as my children…….so glad we didn’t actually give e her anything yet those toys will be going to someone a little more deserving

  11. Im not one to judge people but everyone on here is right she not only asks for hand outs during Christmas but she does it all the time . And damn yah I would def work for some gifts for my family for Christmas to she was given a very good opportunity by a generous person who didnt have to offer anything to her and yet turned it down. What a shame alot of people are really without or even homeless and dont ask for anything ever and here she sits doing it behind her phone I know this lady in a bit of a personal level and yes her and her man are lazy both using the ssi and making us tax payers pay for it. It shouldn’t just be handed to people anymore sorry just speaking my opinon on here God Bless the person who tried to help her and Merry Christmas to them and there family

  12. I gave her like 6 garbage bags full of boys clothing one year and I just found out about all this and that she doesn’t actually have any kids like she told me she did🙄🙄

  13. I gave her like 6 garbage bags full of boys clothing one year and I just found out about all this and that she doesn’t actually have any kids like she told me she did.

  14. I know her and I have known her all my life her and her husband are good people. Yes she doesn’t have biological children due to medical reasoning however she cares for other people’s children that she considers her own by heart!!! Disability is not always seen by the eye and you all are not doctors there are evaluations routinely done for people on social security if she’s on disability it is no ones business this wasn’t for her it was for other people’s children she helps provide and care for that she sees as her own. NO harm in that it’s the season to help one another!

  15. Im not sure why you are all bashing this woman. She was simply asking for gifts for children, maybe not hers but maybe she wamta to give gofts to chidlren she watches? None of you have any right to be bashing a woman you dont know. Or know personally. She would do anything for anyone. She deserves the helps. And what gives anyone the right to call someone out when they ARE AT FAULR BECAUSE THEY TEXTED THE WRONG NUMBER? SHAME ON YOU, ASSHOLES.

  16. She don’t have young children. They are her ” Grandchildren ”
    All you have to do is go to her fb page and look at her stuff

  17. If someone gave me the opportunity to work to give my kids christmas id be extremely grateful and id work my ass off! I wish someone would give me this opportunity, unfortunately not everyone these days wants to actually work for what they receive.

  18. A couple who are already living off the system and never contribute anything useful to society asking for more handouts? Imagine that. It must take some real nerve to receive free housing, utilities, food, health care, vehicle, etc then ask for free Christmas gifts. Most of us bust our asses to earn an honest living, being obese isn’t a disability.

  19. I don’t understand why the reporter of this article is so quick to throw this woman under the bus, but refuses to name his source because he is a business owner…???? Where are the actual facts? The first number he called is a legit business and that woman was upset because she felt she was being harassed due to a wrong number, who in turn contacted the woman who made the post, and that woman contacted the business man, poorly attempting to explain how things became misconstrued…and now it appears a snowball effect has occured. I would like to see some fact checking, in person interviews, reconciliations, and apologies where needed. Also if the business owner still feels generous but can not or does not want to help this woman…I would love to paint at your rental properties, deliver your pizzas, and apply that $3500 towards my children’s christmas, my continued education, medical insurance and dental work for our family, groceries that dont come from the food bank, actual new clothing that we don’t buy at the goodwill, tithe to my church, help my husband financially sustain our families needs. If the unidentified business owner would like to contact me to receive his generosity, I can be reached at amyjames1416@gmail.com.

  20. I’m confused. First it’s someone else impersonating you, then you say it was you. Do you even know what you are saying? There are people out there that truly need help. Hell I would love to have $3500 to spend on Christmas gifts! I would do any of that work that was offered!

  21. Here is proof he was messaging someone else not me on my facebook the lady sent me screenshots showing he was messaging her not me
    And proof the kids were getting the gifts please go to my Facebook page that’s were I posted it

  22. Lots of accusations going on here. I know Tonya and she has a big heart. Tonya has a soft spot for children whom have nothing and will not let a child go without Christmas gifts if she has anyway to provide. Whoever this person is, hiding behind the excuse he has a business, should step up to the plate and give his real name. If you can harass people like this, be a man and own it. I have serious doubt you had any intention on giving anyone that kind of money to buy Christmas presents, nor do you own a business. Sounds to me like you are just trying to make trouble. Hope you are satisfied that several children will have very little for Christmas due to your public bashing without justification. You owe her a public apology and should be banned from using this site. There is good reason when posting in newspapers and such, you are required to use your name. It stops people like you from bashing people before knowing all the circumstances. Just to be clear, I have no interest in this entire thing. I just think people like you need to be called out o the damage you can do to people. God bless and I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Maybe you should ask forgiveness and a heart.

  23. Could you please post what this site is used for along with the administrator of the site. Also would very much like the people posting to know where they got the proof of these accusations being made. Also the person “claiming to own a business
    and wanting to just give someone 3500.00”, to step up and use his name. If you are going to make such serious accusations, be man enough and own it. If you truly believe these accusations you are making, you and your business should be commended for pointing this out. I have serious doubt you are not the deceptive one. To many discrepancies in your story.

  24. Did the man text the wrong number,he sure did. It was said that if he had texted her,husband wouldve done the work for the “extra” money. If hes willing to work for that extra 3500 then he dont need to be on ssi. If he can do that for extra money,he can work,period. The fact still remains that there are no children or grandchildren. Always begging for the same people all yr round.. Its ok to help someone if they truly need it but….continuously!?!?! Where are the parents,why arent they begging? When are they going to start doing what needs to be done for their own kids? Theres tons of people out there who cant or dont get handouts all the time. Get off your ass and do it like everyone else has to. Shit dont get handed to you. The ones I feel sorry for are the kids,being raised to think this is ok. This is exactly what’s wrong with todays society,awe poor me,poor us,I dont want to do anything to fix it so just hand it to me. Set a better example for your “kids”.

  25. Apparently it seems the wrong area code of 724 was used instead of the correct one.So before making nasty posts/comments, why not reach out to the -right- phone number and -right- person.

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