VOICe a domestic violence organization terminating employees if they were victims of domestic violence.

A stunning story comes into Butler News, about VOICe, an organization that is meant to help victims of domestic violence, and how they fired to employees who were assaulted by their significant others, telling the former employees that they “did this to themselves” and “strong women do not subject themselves to domestic violence”

A former employee of VOICe contacted Butler News regarding her termination, she says she first contacted the Butler Eagle, and that the Butler Eagle told her they are “ad partners” with VOICe, and could not run this story. In turn, this person then emailed Butler News.

At first to say the least I was a bit worried about tackling this story, a person I have had personal battles with reached out to me about corruption, as much as I dislike this person, (whom I have decided not to name) I have decided when the public donates to VOICe, the public should know the truth.

This person was a woman that worked for VOICe for years, one drunken night her husband assaulted her, the husband was charged with domestic violence. The husband was released O.R.

At the time the woman told her boss by the name of Linda what happened, Linda informed her that her position has been terminated, because they need strong women working there, and that this woman who was assaulted deserved it, and that she gave VOICe a bad name by being assaulted.

This woman tells Butler News she was shocked, did not know how she would support her family, begged and was tossed to the streets fired as her husband got drunk and assaulted her. She told Butler News that she followed all legal steps, called the police, had him arrested, and planned to file her own PFA as well as file for divorce, yet Linda said she must have deserved to be assaulted by her husband.

The woman who was fired contacted multiple attorneys, all told her the same that Pa is a “right to work” State. The person whom was fired was able to find a job rather fast, a better job at that.

She tells Butler News about some of the inner workings of VOICe, telling Butler News employees are instructed to “help the biggest losers so we look good” “help the people that can not help themselves so they look good”

To get even more disturbing on a personal level, this former employee of VOICe tells me that VOICe attorneys once called a meeting to figure out how to “incarcerate the owner of Butler News at all costs” Karen Berg telling members of the meeting that it would “make her career to put the Butler News guy behind bars”

The former employee of VOICe was instructed to only take cases when they make the media, and was told to do the very least possible when it was not a public case. Saying “media attention beings donations”

This former VOICe attorney was told to only take custody cases that made media attention, this way the media attention would bring in donations, when she asked Linda how she should choose the cases, she was told “see how much attention the Butler Eagle is giving them”

More troubling accusations come out, a meeting took place at VOICe between all attorneys, this meeting concerned Family Pathways and child custody, Linda who is the former executive told all staff members too “send everyone you can to supervised visits at Family Pathways” Linda tells the employees that this would make VOICe seem to want to protect more children by doing this, but the fact is there are allegations of Family Pathways paying VOICe via third party donations if they sent more children to Family Pathways.

The former VOICe employee says that at times she was given gift cards when she would send a father or mother to Family Pathways when it was not needed. The gift cards were to places like Walmart and were from “donors” sent in via mail.

She goes on to tell Butler News VOICe has a “hit list” a list of men that VOICe will pull favors for or do anything to incarcerate, or take their children off of them, even going on to say that at one point the owner of Butler News was placed number one on the hit list by attorney Karen Berg, including posting a mugshot of Castilyn on the door of the VOICe off with the wording “dangerous offender” written on the mugshot. Berg went on to tell employees that “maybe I can say this guy attacked me and shoot him in the head and do the world a favor” Berg went on on time to belittle a child, saying the child looks as “disgusting and retarded as his father”

This former employee goes on to tell me that multiple women have been fired (3) when anything of the sort of domestic violence occurred, two of the three woman have now contacted me. I have spoken to them both, and both tell of some very troubling accusations.

When Butler News asked why this person is now telling everyone about her former employee after she was fired she made the following statement, and I quote.

“VOICe as an organization is a disease that is spreading throughout Butler like a cancer for all of the wrong reasons, the reasons are manipulation and deceit. VOICe is more worried about piggybacking off the backs of women that have been abused, but not all woman, only the ladies that make media attention. Some of the attorneys at VOICe do not adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct in several ways, two ways I will name are as follows. Maintaining the integrity of the profession, professional conduct, attorney client relationship. There are clear boundaries broken just via the attorney client relationship in several cases at VOICe.



Editors note:

I have said all along VOICe is a cancer, but no one listens, this says a lot when the Eagle refuses the story as they have some sort of partnership, it is disturbing when you let battered woman fend for themselves because it does not make media attention, all in order to seek some extra donations.




  1. Wow! This is organized gang stalking BINGO!


    Thank you for this excellent lede.

    In a side note: look into the case of Terry Tersak, who used to monitor the for-profit DVIC and.its excesses(coaching women to.lie, exagerate,etc for federal statistics based funding initiatives), and who “mysteriously disappeared.”

    Wendy McElroy worked with her, and, like many feminists who dont take payola, or hate men generally; or who refuse to modify their platforms based on politics,McElroy was miffed about the Tersak disappearance too.

    One of my sources documents a bizarre series of events where Tersak was stalked and posdibly pimped by a gang of police/recruits/security guards.

    Another source-who has more nuts rolling around in her head than squirrels shit in an average year, refers all researchers to some cop, and accused me of being Tersaks husband.

    But ATEOD: there is something wrong with for-profit policing, and its forever-in-distress little sisters in the DVIC.

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