District Attorney Richard Goldinger says he is against the legalization of Cannabis

In a local discussion that was had this past week over the legalization of cannabis, District Attorney Richard Goldinger made the following statements when it came to cannabis.

County District Attorney Rich Goldinger said he is aligned with the state District Attorneys Association’s stance on the matter.

“I am opposed to it,” Goldinger said. “I think that there are studies from other states that show that while they can tax the drug, there are many ancillary issues that come with it.”

Goldinger went on to say, “one report from Colorado said DUI arrests and homelessness had increased since the legalization of recreational use. The report also said younger teens are using it”


“If it’s legalized, it will be more accessible to young people,” Goldinger said.

Goldinger said he doesn’t plan on changing his opinion that recreational marijuana use should not be legalized.



    1. I’ve personally always thought goldinger was a hypocritical idiot ….. but that’s just me. I’ve previously blogged about him extensively. He is a lazy glutton fat cat and someone needs to run against him asap. https://happyvalleycitizen.com/2018/05/01/butler-county-da-richard-goldfingers-office-is-seething-ada-shultz-attempts-to-get-her-boyfriend-out-of-dui-ada-bosco-suspended-for-misconduct-dear-god-where-do-i-start-with-the-hot-mess-in/

    2. He is unfit for office. He has a cocaine problem, and catering to people he thinks will vote for whatever garbage he spouting. Clearly your county has a terrible opioid epidemic and this SCUM in office is anti cannabis because he is looking to get elected again on fear tactics. It’s good people like you, excercising your right to free speech, that is educating this community. I’ll publish anything you want to say about goldinger. I am not a fan. Progressive District Attorneys like Bernie Cantorna or Larry Krasner are going after pedophiles and violent crimes. Get the garbage out of office. Goldinger I have been following for years. He is more of a threat to the community than any good he does. It’s up to Butler County to get that piece of trash out of office.

      1. Please he needs to be done. Butler suffers because of him. First there was his dad that got most criminals off of large charges with looking for ways the case was “mishandled”. Now it’s him in the seat with this criminal friendly system he has in place. This has to stop. I’ve always been told if u need an attorney on butler bring one from like Allegheny or another county. This might help with the corruption of butler’s da and judicial system. No way to get him out he’s too far in. Sucks…for citizens of butler who aren’t criminals. Thanks for sharing the real news!

      2. I heard he has an estranged daughter who he disowned because she married a black guy….. That is tragic and super racist.

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