BUTLER COUNTY: Butler’s Biggest Butt Crack is Judge Doerr. Listen to what this DIRTBAG did in Linn vs. Linn

I think the most telling words in Federal Judge Cathy Bissoon’s Opinion affirming the merit of Plaintiff’s complaint was this:

Additionally, Plaintiff alleged that her charge indicated the manner in which Holman, Ritson and Doerr discriminated against her. Id., at 74.4 Because the subject of Plaintiff’s alleged communications concerned Doerr’s inappropriate conduct, it concerned a publicly elected official’s impropriety. This certainly constitutes a matter of public concern. Plaintiff has pleaded more than general workplace complaints that only concern herself. [CITATION: Crystal Starnes vs. Butler County Court of Common Pleas et al; Opinion filed July 26; BY Federal Judge Cathy Bissoon, Eastern District].

That sums up the status of the case against Doerr which is pending in federal court. Every Judge who has read that case and heard the arguments thus so far have been horrified. The legal community seems equally as horrified, as two or possibly three other attorneys have joined the attorney who originally filed suit.

Judge Doerr has brazenly taken to the media, and like a common criminal, his focus has been to lie, manipulate, deny and distract. He has recently been assigned to family court, and rumor has it his professional performance in that arena has also been questionable.


Linn vs. Linn was a divorce that involved two attorneys, which occurred in 2014. It was especially contentious. Mrs. Linn was awarded a lavish $7,500 a month and half of all the assets. It seemed to be a more than fair, in fact immensely fair outcome for Mrs. Linn, yet she was displeased enough to steal marital property and destroy a home.

As the story goes (per complaint filed by Husband on May 19, 2014): according to the husband, in violation of court orders, Attorneys and Wife conspired to steal valuable personal property from the formal marital residence in a burst of “pathological glee”?

Husband also accused Wife of “allow[ing] un-housebroken pets to deface, urinate or defecate over sofas, chairs carpets and torn down draperies, all of this fomenting an ambience of fetid squalor in the mansion.

But this was hardly the most scandalous portion of this divorce from hell. Indeed, with two attorney’s getting divorced in the home field of their local courthouse, in divorce proceedings run by judges who these lawyers know and are in front of every day, things are bound to get a little complicated.

And complicated and convoluted became the divorce case, there among the scenic backdrop of the days of our lives sordid and scandalous halls of Butler county. According to the Husband, the judge presiding over the divorce proceedings was “vulnerable” to Attorneys “influences” and grew a malignant obsession with [Husband], developing [into] an immutable idee fixe. [DEFINITION: Idee fixe: an idea or desire that dominates the mind, an obession]. The Complaint further alleges that the Attorneys “puppeterr[ed]” the judge into seizing the husband’s passport, thus preventing Husband from traveling to England on business ventures. 



But then it gets even more bizarre when rumors began to spread and fly about the courthouse that Husband (Mr. Linn) was now plotting the murder of Judge Thomas Doerr. In the Husband’s appeal, he claims that this rumor was entirely fabricated and had no reasonable basis in reality.

The Husband claims that The attorneys concocted a sensation whispering campaign to circulate the stupendous lie that Husband enlisted members of the “Pagan” motorcycle gang to assassinate Butler County President Judge Thomas Doerr, Judge Kelly Streib and Attorneys. The Butler County forum became poisoned for Husband and his efforts to have law enforcement or the judiciary investigate the matter only engendered new enmities and rekindled suspicions. Or in plain speech, the rumor damaged the reputation of the husband so much that law enforcement ignored his requests to investigate wife, and/or were responding to his complaints about his wife by mocking him and/or not taking him seriously.


Mrs. Linn objects to venue, and the Allegheny County sustained. The case was transferred to Butler County. Notably, the husband did not appeal or object to this order at the time.

The following events transpired:

  • December 21, 2015 – Judge Doerr assigns the case to Judge Michael Yeager.
  • Husband writes Judge Doerr requesting that he rescind his case assignment order and disqualify ALL Butler Judges from hearing the case
  • January 15, 2016 – Judge Yeager recuses himself
  • January 25, 2016 – Case reassigned to Judge Horan
  • January 26, 2016 – Husband files a motion for recusal of Judge Doerr and all county Judges
  • February 2, 2016 – The request was denied because the request to recuse Doerr because it was “untimely,” and Doerr’s Order further asserted that the the individual judge assigned to the case could determine his/her own recusal

This last denial effectually infuriated Husband, who filed a second Hail Mary Second Motion for Recusal of the Entire Bench, asserting the following:

  1. Because of the vicious rumors circulating during his divorce case alleging he had hired a motorcycle gang to kill off Judge Doerr, et al
  2. That he was requesting a Grand Jury to investigate the matter,
  3. And due to this request for a Grand Jury, Judge Doerr recused himself
  4. After recusing himself Judge Doerr took to the media, mocking and denouncing Husband, and publicly wagering threats to sue Husband. 

Ultimately the argument raised in Husband’s second motion to the Supreme Court recuse the entire bench was that the palpable hatred between Doerr and Husband, an animosity that was so apparent that there would be an appearance of impropriety if any other member of the bench were to preside over the case. Doerr, after all, was the president judge, so of course all the others on the bench would be inclined to agree with him. This motion was not successful, and the case was handed back down to Butler County Court of Common Pleas to a bench where he had pissed off every sitting Judge.

Husband went on to lose his preliminary objections and file several amended complaints, the last which alleged that Wife and Attorneys were liable under RICO: They generated a plethora of predicate acts within the 2007-2013 period, but most notably: ) the conjuring of a fictitious protection from abuse order, 2007; b) the seizure of my personal and Trust property from the mansion; c) the despoilment of the house and grounds themselves; d) the ex parte seizure of my passport caused by baseless claims that I was disposing of my assets to flee to Vietnam(!); the threatened imprisonment to coerce my signature upon tax return checks; f) other recurring motions for contempt over discovery demands that were oppressively burdensome to meet, 2007-2010; g) fraudulently procuring a court order freezing my assets and forcing my businesses to shut down, 2010; h) unreasonably and deceitfully pursuing the matter in Superior Court after being rejected in trial court, 2013.

However, Husband’s final and third amended civil complaint also was dismissed for failing to state a cause of action. Of course it was dismissed, Judge Doerr is running that courthouse like a renegade cowboy / brothel.


Judge-Tom-Doerr (3)




  1. How is this circus not in jail yet! It’s very interesting to know that blatant disregard of law has been going on here for so long, yet no one has stepped in yet! The entire court house, bar association, and the d.a office should be a exposed, yet this entire state sweeps their trash under the carpet and the citizens of this state allow it! These people all need mental health evaluation

    1. Maybe because no one is standing up. People are allowing it to continue. Nothing will happen until people start using their voices and writing letters to the Judicial Conduct Board. I agree it appears he is running this circus. Shame on the Superior Court who is allowing this to continue. It is very appalling.

  2. I want to go protest against Shaffer, personally…but it seems like there are enough fed up people that we could actually organize something…..

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