Do you have a bad doggie? Retired K9 Police Officer Kris Hopkin’s is the Solution. Hire the Best in the State and Start the Year Off Right.

Christmas is the time of year of new puppies. Start your 2019 year off right by hiring local dog whisperer Kris Hopkins. Her prices are reasonable, her experience is formidable and she is trusted by organizations like PAWs to train challenging dogs.


20 plus years of working with animals, she is the premier dog trainer in State College. Former law enforcement, her expertise and reputation precedes her.

Does your puppy have seperation anxiety, nipping problems, is an escape artist etc? Call an expert. Kris is one of the most experienced dog trainers in the state, and I cannot give her a higher recommendation.

Kris is selective about the cases she takes on, and does it for the love of the project. Both gentle and commanding, Kris is an expert in dog body language and her work has produced some very sophisticated K9 police dogs.

It is with pride and pleasure I give my highest recommendation to former law enforcement Kris Hopkins. She is incredible professional dog trainer and has creative yet common sense solutions.

Do you have a bad doggie? Kris works one on one with owner and dog and has a hands on approach. Her professionally trained dogs speak volumes.

A new puppy is exciting and over Christmas there are many. Hopkins takes on each case as an individual new case. There is no set formula for training dogs or addressing doggie issues. Hopkins not only comes up with practical solutions, she is an expert on dog body language.

Your bad doggie has a chewing habit or likes to explore the neighborhood as an escape artist? You need to call Kris.

She spends immense time targeting unfavorable behaviors of dogs, and enabling behaviors of their owners.

Centre County trusted her with their K9’s for years on end.

Two sessions with Kris and your dog will be marching in line with orders. During 2019 puppy season, start the year off right. A good foundation for your dog goes a long way. Small tweaks in training and discipline can contribute to happy household and happy dog.

Hopkins has a very full schedule and is in high demand due to her extensive experience. She charges less than most dog trainers in the area, yet she is selective about the dogs she takes on. She wants a dedicated puppy owner who will work with her and follow advice.

The cost is nominal, compared to other dog trainers in the region… $350 for five sessions, but she requires committed and responsible dog owner.

If you want to get your dog in marching order, please reach out to her today.

DISCLAIMER: Kris Hopkins is a premier dog trainer but training a dog requires a committed owner, she is selective about the cases she takes on, but her results are nothing short of PREMIER. Hopkins is sought out across the state.

With your new puppy in 2019, or with an younger dog with “issues” — Kris is your 911 for dog training.

Merry Christmas to All….. I’ve pasted Kris’s website below. May 2019 be a happy year.

Doggie problems? You want to call this former K9 officer pronto. Get a good start to 2019. Exceptional, in my opinion best in the state, dog trainer to work one-on-one with you. A dog is a member of your family, give him the best and start 2019 off right.

Incredible canine expert, incredible person….. And well worth the call if you have a bad little doggie or doggie in need of some refinement.

She is selective with her cases and very busy with clients, so call today to book her.




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