15 year old dies last-night on W New Castle Street.

Butler News broke the story on Facebook a day before anyone else in the “media” business. Butler News posted the following last night at 5:23 PM

“549 W New Castle Street. Female caller says she found a male, 15, possible DOA.

Caller has started CPR. Police and medics responding.

Backup requested for some reason, captain also requested.

1) one transported to hospital

2) one deceased.

I will not post the names,(name will be removed from comments) and don’t post graphic pics (IE body bag pics) in the comment section.

Thanks for understanding. And no, there have been no updates.”

Butler city police reported  that they would not release the name until Monday, at which point Police Chief Bob O’Neill would issue a news release on the topic.

The name circulating on the page and on Snapchat is  and the results of the autopsy are pending toxicology testing. Ricardo Gonzalez Girlfriend said his appendix burst.

As the Eagle is reporting that this incident happened in the morning, this again would be wrong, the incident took place at 5:23 PM. As usual they did not fact check, and put false garbage out there.

Since it is being shared all over Snapchat, the young man was 15, and his name is Ricardo Gonzalez who was described as a popular, quiet, good kid.

At this time it is unknown what the cause of death was.


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  1. As we know already that Butler City proper is incorrigible and needs to be closely monitored and controlled by outside sources if it hopes to survive.
    Another causality is one less they have to concern themselves with; as if!

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