Butler News to make a do not rent list with the help of area landlords

Butler News will be making a DO NOT RENT list. If you are a landlord and have been stiffed, it is vital in this day and age not to let it happen to someone else. You must be asking yourself how do you submit a person, and is there restrictions, the answer is yes.

In order to submit a person I ask that you have court dockets to show that they did not pay rent. If your house was trashed please do send in pictures. If you were stiffed and someone just took off, please do send in the info.

Please submit the information to the Facebook page Butlercitizen.com so we can compile the list, OR email direct to Justin who will be taking this project on at jcastoak@aol.com

I look forward to your submissions, it is vital in this day and age this list is compiled so someone else does not end up as a victim.

Please share so we can compile a detailed list, please tell all local landlords Butler News will be compiling this list.

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