Local man offended by Butler News, asks police to make a police report

Local man Jason Mahood of Butler was offended by Butler News for some reason, instead of scrolling along, he did what any left wing nit job would do, he reported Butler News to the police.

Mahood went to the Butler City Police station today because he felt an admin at Butler News was mean to him last-night, Mahood tells Butler News in brief that it is illegal to post calls that come over the scanner. Mahood felt insulted that Butler News was not a nice page, and that my admin was mean.

Mahood could not figure out why warrants were not issued on the spot for all admins here at Butler News.

Amish Mahood who we can only assume is bored even went to great lengths to edit and post screen caps, now since Mahood has by far embarrassed himself enough today, and proved he has no life, we will refrain from posting his rant of stupidity at this time.

Mahood informed Butler News that he does not “have to forget the page” and that basically Butler News breaks the law by posting scanner calls. It is hard to imagine he has lived this long being this stupid.

Mahood on his Facebook describes himself as “I’m an anti social asshole who should not be out in public places around stupid mother fuckers”

With his above statement, it is clear he has issues looking in the mirror, no word on if there will  be charges filed because his bitch ass feelings got hurt.

Mahood 2



  1. And your ass gets butt hurt when people call you out too and you spread gossip that hurts peoples livesunot that those who actually committed a crime don’t deserve it but the police get called all the time over dumb shit like for example two people are in an argument and the one person yells “yeah well you’re a butterfly!!” And the other guy calls the cops and then you guys would take that and write an entire page worth of a “news” article saying something like “two local men got into argument who then raped a butterfly while shooting heroin,snorting cocaine laced with the meth men evaded police but were eventually caught only after the two men stumbled upon wild cow shit eating the mushrooms hoping they would and I quote “trip balls like a clown on a normal Tuesday” so I’d say it’s bit crazy to say he wasted time defending himself when you then made an entire new article just to bash him and although it’s funny i see you guys do it alllllllllll the time

    1. Butler news is a very highly read publication that you clearly still follow. This site has parted ways with Butler News, but the owners of this site support Justin, and his endeavors, and the spirit of his promotion of free press. Thanks for reading

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