Owner of Slippery Rock towing hires sex offender Paul Claypoole, who earlier was convicted of sex crime against owners family member

The backwards cluster continues.

Sex offender Paul Claypoole has been working at Slippery Rock Towing since he has been released from Prison after he was caught having sex with a disabled 15 year old boy. Click the link below to read more about Claypoole and his past adventures of this tow company hiring Claypoole.

The story gets more disturbing, Greg Geibel hired this sex offender knowing, Claypoole had a sex offense in the 90s, against the direct family member of Geibel. When Butler News asked Greg the owner about the past charges, he was told that Paul “DID NOTHING WRONG” In the past case Claypoole was accused of raping an underage child. That time Claypoole landed in Prison, this time around when Claypoole was caught sexually assaulting a young boy with mental issues, Claypoole was given time served.
Slippery Rock towing is said to be closing as the owner was charged with fraud, the owner of that company needs his head examined. I think it is disgusting hiring a person who sexually assaulted your own direct family member, then stick up for Claypoole.
There was mass controversy when Claypoole took part in a free haunted house at Slippery Rock Towing this past October.
Anyone that supports this business must be out of their minds.




  1. I feel speaking on personal level in the incedent he didnt really did get much time for the thing in the 90s and i know this cause she was my stepsister.

  2. Make sure that if you have kids you keep them away from Paul . He might or will have sex with them like he did to his own kid .

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