Josh Caldwell
Mikal Atkinson
Kaylee Shay
Shay was the lease signer and actual renter of one of my properties.
She was introduced to me by Catholic Charities in Butler. It was supposed to be her, her 2 kids and another on the way. Two months later I discover 2 others in the home and a couple more kids. Mikal Atkinson (who she is married to) father of 2 of her kids
Josh Caldwell, cousin of Atkinson,  father to the baby she is having. House was disgustingly filthy, cats in house and place reeked of smoke. Lease stated NO SMOKING, NO PETS. I had to make several repairs

No rent  in 4th month. Catholic Charities paid the first 3 months.
Began eviction process,
During 5th month we get a hearing date….A lot of expenses by now
5 minute hearing, eviction granted
Shay and crew are given close to a month to move out and more time to trash the place.
On eviction day even constable remarks of the condition and smell.
Total damages and  costs in excess of $10,000 which we will never recoup.
To date house not lived in. This happened spring, summer, fall 2017
Do not rent

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