Local man once arrested for assaulting his mother, now arrested pulling knife on ex-girlfriend

Daniel Murray, 32, of Butler was arrested after he  threatened his ex-girlfriend with a knife in the 300 block of South Monroe Street, the woman told police that Murray pulled the knife out of his pocket during an argument, Murray then threw the knife to the ground, picked up back up after urinating his pants, and chased the woman. The ex, simpley ran back inside of her house, locked her door, and this confused the moron. BUT not before he said he will slash her tires, as usual he is too stupid and forgot about that before running like a coward.

No one was injured but Murray’s pride. (If he has one left at this point)

Murray was arraigned on charges of terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.

He was placed in the Butler County Prison on $10,000 bail following arraignment.


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