Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival will find several new things to do and see during next year’s event.

The festival’s director, Patti Jo Lambert, announced Friday that five new features and the expansion of two existing attractions will be a part of the 2019 festival.

Lambert said the planning committee expects the new features to make the event even more popular to a wider array of people.

Expanded on-site trails will allow drivers to go off-road on longer trail rides. Two trails for modified Jeeps will double in length and an extreme trail will be enhanced with a rock climb for Jeepers who want to test their vehicles’ ruggedness.

A new off-site trail near Slippery Rock will be available to Jeeps outfitted with quality all-terrain tires and tow hooks. The trail will accommodate both experienced and novice drivers as bypasses on the trail will allow drivers to go around the more challenging sections.

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