Erika Ringler, 31, given time served on newest set of drug dealing charges

Erika Erdean Ringler, 31, of Butler was sentenced to 1-year-minus-a-day to 2-years-minus-a-day for possessing a controlled substance with an intent to deliver.

Ringler received 264 days of credit for time served, and she must serve 30 hours of community service.

At first Ringler was charged  with possession with intent to deliver (two counts), possession of a controlled substance (two counts), possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal conspiracy.


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  1. As a CNA you can have two crimes of moral turpitude provided their misdemeanor or lower. If you think Paramount is the only place where people with offenses can be hired then either this articles misleading or the OP hasn’t been out much. I have a DUI myself hate to see my life and work be measured against one stupid decision I’ve made.

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