Stacy Parks Miller in a “Living Nightmare” – Karma is Bitch

It’s poor form to celebrate in the misery of others; however, me seeing karma at work does give me a level of satisfaction. Many in the county who were outspoken initially (before it became the popular norm) understand how far we have come. We have eliminated someone toxic and cruel from an office she had no business ever having in the first place, and we have replaced her with someone who upholds the highest standards of integrity and is so concerned about following the rules and doing the right thing, that his political standing comes second to the job. In other words, we got really lucky. Really Really Lucky. Bernie Cantorna is among the Larry Krasner’s, Kim Ogg’s and Kevin Steele’s of this world.

The county has been transformed. The once-upon-a-time histrionic, hysterical and vitriolic-ally shrill circus has suddenly become and avenue of civility and respect. We have gentle justice, forgiving when it needs to be, and exceptionally firm when it needs to be.

The “crisis” of Stacy Parks Miller worked to mobilize a county and get us moving in the right direction. Foriegn ideas such as addressing over incarceration and criminal justice reform were suddenly pushed to the forefront. We really had to take a moment to step back and take a look at ourselves in the mirror, and what we saw on a county wide level was a number of disturbing injustices. We saw a near elimination of work release, we saw a growing number of opioid dealers infiltrating the area as she was consumed with suing others in this community. Personally, I went to one rape sentencing hearing and I saw no dignity in the implementation of justice. It was a circus, hysterical and undignified and lacking civility. The victims family had been so frustrated with our criminal justice process that they did not even bother to show for sentencing. They were FRUSTRATED with the lack of justice. But more disturbing than anything, I saw someone who got up to a podium and seemed to be taking pleasure and enjoying herself, giggling inappropriately, wearing inappropriate clothing and sincerely enjoying the worst day of a man’s life.

I find it so entertaining to read the public feedback on the Centre Daily Times, in a way it’s vindicating. While she showed no mercy and was consumed with drawing attention to herself through making public headlines, word began to sift through of innocent people being convicted through dirty politics and prosecutorial misconduct.

The penmanship in the recently filed brief is clearly the work of Parks Miller. She continues to play the victim role, and lacks any personal responsibility. She gave the middle finger to the disciplinary board, and the disciplinary board gave her every break, every extension, every benefit of the doubt — yet she blew them off. She felt herself to be above the law.

What a long four years of a fight that was, and how curiously not satisfying to see her destruction. We’ve moved on. There is no way Parks Miller with her reputation with county judges and with the caring members of this community can open up a legitimate law practice. She has ceased to be a threat, and now is a sob story plotting her revenge.

But amazing changes were made……..

The Centre Daily Times was harangued and harassed for years for unfair coverage, the editor was promptly fired shortly after the election. The new staff is young, excited and curious. They actually attend court because Bernie Cantorna (usually most unconcerned with the press) refuses to spoon feed them myopically biased press releases for them to reprint. Instead, we have actual journalists. People have gotten so indoctrinated and chastising the CDT that they hardly can see this evolution.

We became conscious of criminal justice reform, or I would like to think we did. When we addressed the may twisted sociopathic layers of prosecutorial misconduct, and when the few of us who really got our hands dirty started seeing victims of vitriolic and unfair justice, it moved our hearts. My values literally shifted.

There was a point in time when I didn’t know what prosecutorial misconduct was, and then I became a ferverent student studying the ins and outs of it, down to the technical details. ….

My purpose for writing this particular article is very simple. We won. We stared narcissism, evil, and injustice in the face, and we rallied together as a community for a common cause and we chased out the cancer-like cyst that was infecting Centre County. When I read that pleading today by Parks Miller and her crap lawyer, I felt a tinge of irritation, and then I saw the literal desperation.

She took out a second mortgage on her allegedly interest only mortgage on her house for fifty thousand dollars to fund commercials for herself in an election that she lost by the biggest election landslide in Centre County history. The people in Happy Valley tend to be docile, easy going, hard to rally and sometimes sleepy, but when you piss them off there is some level of street justice and we “stick together.”

The year long license suspension is not “over-kill”, it’s a gentle sentence given the crimes. Had Parks Miller been prosecuting herself she would not have rendered the same mercy. This is a highly manipulative and dangerous lawyer. She has nefarious intentions for this county, including intentions to sue me personally and a number of others she has already sued. She figures that now without her $180,000 a year salary that somehow this county “owes her” a retirement or a pension. The opposite is true. She owes us an apology.

I am thankful to what she taught me, and I hope that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court renders the entire year suspension before some nasty law suits start to fly around.  And I also want to point out to the Pennsylvania Disciplinary prosecutor who is fan of this site, that she is STILL advertising herself as a lawyer and law firm. She is still giving the narcissistic middle finger to authority. She has yet to apologize to the MANY victims that she harmed in this community, some whose cases are still unraveling under the horrified vigilance of Bernie Cantorna who literally walked into an office that was a mess and slowly put it back together. In doing so, he put us back together. People started to trust the court system again, and that benefit is immeasurable. So for that, I say thank you Bernie… Thank you! Thank you so much for stepping in, and repairing what seemed to be disastrously beyond repair.



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