BREAKING BUTLER COUNTY – Judge Thomas Doerr’s Son Arrested on 43 FELONY Child Pornography Counts

It was hush hush at first, and almost swept under the rug.

In fact during the short time that John Doerr, III was in jail, the County website displaying the inmate booking photos mysteriously ceased to function. No it was not a matter of the government shut down, because shortly after John Doerr was released on his own recognizance, the page was back up and running. The Butler Eagle, which loves to post the sad looking mug shots of shoplifting drug addicts, or drug addicts busted with drugs, for once did not post one of their publicly shaming mug shots. It turns out that if you are well connected in Butler, both the government and the press does you favors. In other words, YES: Judge Doerr’s son got the royal treatment.

Not only was John Doerr quickly and quietly released from jail, he was released with no bail, a feat almost unheard of for the 43 felonies that involve child pornography. Many people are instead held on astronomical amounts of “cash bail.” One man in Centre County was held on $500,000 cash bail for 70 images of child pornography. The nepotism and favoritism in Butler County runs deep.

Interestingly enough, earlier this year Judge Doerr made a shocking decision to sentence a man caught with hundreds of images of pornography, and contact with a minor child to PROBATION? Jaws dropped and parents across the county took to social media to scream in protest at the light sentence. People were baffled.

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Click here to read about Judge Tom Doerr’s shockingly light sentence of PROBATION for James Fugh.

Immediately after that shocking sentence, many in Butler (and across the state) came out to question why the sex offender was given such a lenient sentence given the seriousness of the crimes. It is hard not to suspect that Judge Thomas Doerr went light on sentencing James Fugh to probation perhaps because he knew his son, John Doerr, was also having problems himself, and that this sentencing decision on James Fugh would be scrutinized by the public should his son ever get in trouble.

50248150_641966102917792_5567887949179125760_n.jpgThe contents of the police report were shocking. John Doerr, III, was admitting to searching for and downloading pornography through the program bit torrent.

The State Trooper who completed the affidavit of probable cause reported in that one image (one of the many images) found on John Doerr’s computer depicted an infant female between the ages of 1-2 years old.

This scandal would not be half as eyebrow raising if it were not that it followed on the heels of Judge Doerr’s own legal problems for sexual offenses. Judge Doerr is currently being sued in federal court for sexual harassment and sexual stalking of Crystal Starnes, a probation officer and courthouse employee whose lack of guilt should be clear to you because she still maintains her employment position within the Butler Courthouse at the present. According to several other members of courthouse staff, Judge Thomas Doerr has not shown up to work for several weeks. He stopped appearing at work shortly after she returned to work, as she had been on a leave of absence since filing her lawsuit. See: BUTLER COUNTY: Judge Doerr Slammed by Federal Judge Cathy Bisson, “He certainly is a cause for public concern” – Scathingly & Unamused Judicial Opinion Ridicules Butler Co. Judge

It comes as almost no surprise to me that Judge Thomas Doerr’s son John Doerr was arrested for sexual crimes, particularly given how Judge Tom Doerr handled his own legal problems, and has been reacting since he has gotten sued: Flippant, recalcitrant, defiant, retaliatory and rude.

And then there is the genetic component, as throughout history the trend has frequently followed that the relatives of a sex offender are often given to propensities of committing sexual offenses themselves. There is a big debate about this phenomena of pedophelia or sexual offenses tending to run in families. Some argue that this trend is nature, while others say it’s nurture.

In February of 2017, Jerry Sandusky’s (renown Penn State athletic director, and serial child sex predator) son, Jeffrey Sandusky, was arrested for child pornography. Another one of Jerry Sandusky’s son’s, Matthew Sandusky, confessed that he had been sexually abused and raped by his father Jerry.

See:  Jeffrey Sandusky -New York Times Article

This arrest of Jerry Sandusky’s son served only to invigorate the debate as to whether child sexual offenses run in families, and whether or not there is a genetic component, or it is a learned behavior (learned because they had been sexually abused themselves).

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The National Institute of Health released a study specifically attempting to address this trend of sexual deviance running in families. There study involved studying Sexual crime rates among fathers and brothers of sexual offenders were compared with corresponding rates in fathers and brothers of age-matched population control men without sexual crime convictions. 

There conclusions were that sexual deviance is a genetic characteristics. In other words, if a sexual offender has a son, then the chances are the son will also be a sexual offender. The NIH concluded: We report strong evidence of familial clustering of sexual offending, primarily accounted for by genes rather than shared environmental influences. Future research should possibly test the effectiveness of selective prevention efforts for male first-degree relatives of sexually aggressive individuals, and consider familial risk in sexual violence risk assessment.  CITATION

It was further found by the National Health Institute study on sexual deviance running in male family members that: We found substantial evidence of moderate to strong excess familial risk for sexual offending among men. Having a father or a brother convicted of a sexual offence increased the odds of being convicted oneself 4 to 5 times compared with age-matched control men without a sexually aggressive father or brother. These familial aggregation effects are comparatively large in relation to familial risks for other studied behaviours, including odds ratios for violent crime of about 3.5 in children of male violent offenders and about 2 for suicidal behaviour in children of individuals who completed suicide.  The correlations and trending statistics are disturbing and shocking and hard not to ignore. It means that if one male in a family is a sexual predator, offender or deviant, then the chances that another male in the family (Judge Thomas Doerr’s son) are 4 to 5 times more likely than the average person to engage in sexually deviant behaviors, or 4-5 times more likely to be convicted of committing sexual crimes.

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All of this when taken together: Judge Thomas Doerr’s own sexual impropriety in office, and his behavior in the press after he was sued for his sexual predation – and, it is difficult to NOT to conclude that there are some deeper rooted sexual deviant behavior hidden behind the facade of importance of Butler’s own sitting president judge, Thomas Doerr.

Either way, Judge Thomas Doerr should have stepped down in disgrace when the sexual allegations initially emerged. Instead, Tom Doerr THREATENED to fire Crystal Starnes (the whistleblowing victim) unless she agreed to sign a release, which he did. It was a move that Federal Judge Kathy Bissoon read not as something that exonerated him from any guilt, but that was an indication in the first place that he was guilty. Why have Starnes sign a release of liability if he never committed any sexual predation in the first place? In other words: WHY MAKE HER SIGN A RELEASE RELEASING HIM FROM LIABILITY IF HE DID NOT DO IT? Judge Doerr and O.J. Simpson should co-author the book “If I did it.”

Still Judge Doerr maintains his seat. Thank God, because he has to do his son some legal favors in the criminal courts. Notably the Judge presiding over John Doerr, III’s case is a local commonwealth pleas Judge and no out-of-county Judge has been brought into preside over the criminal case, as is ethical procedure for cases that involve conflicts of interests with any of the sitting judges. Still the Judge presiding over John Doerr’s case is a member of the local bench of common pleas judges in Butler County, and a dear friend of Judge Thomas Doerr. You could say the presiding criminal judge is the perfect person to assist Prince John Doerr in getting out of the messy trouble he has gotten himself into. It pays to be the son of a Judge in  more ways than one, no matter how embroiled and scandalized your daddy is ….. It seems in Butler being blood of Judge Doerr equates to a get out of jail free card.


It’s definitely a sticky and suspicious situation, and one that I (as someone who watches the Starnes vs. Doerr case closely, and has read all the pleadings and followed all the facts) am very uncomfortable with. It seems the judicial corruption in Butler has no end. And while Judge Doerr has not been to work in WEEKS, he still maintains his position as PRESIDENT judge. He still will be COLLECTING A PENSION. And he still maintains his law license. These are three things that every citizen in Butler should be up in arms over. This is not an appropriate individual to be sitting on the bench, presiding over sexual offense and rape cases.

Collecting a salary and not going to work while waiting for his fat pension plan (a pension plan that his misconduct should arguably bar him from collecting) to kick in. It’s time to remove Judge Doerr from the bench, and have him face the consequences of losing both his license, and his pension.

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