Generation Me-Me-Me Snowflake Reacts to State College Shooting: “How come we didn’t get a text message?”

In the wake of the tragedy, Penn State students reacted in their typical fashion taking to twitter and Facebook demanding why they weren’t sent an emergency text message for a shooting that transpired miles off campus, at a bar where adults go to avoid the students. Unconcerned with the victim fighting for her life (who has no insurance), they panned the local police force for failing to issue them a text message at time of shooting. They felt their lives could have been in danger.

They cried about the lack of safety procedure at Penn State, whining about how they no longer felt safe in State College because the police failed to text them. If that is the case, I would encourage all these little brats to transfer to a safer school like University of Pittsburgh or Temple University.


More than anything, I’m tired of generation me making everything about themselves. Instead of rallying the student support around the community and for the victims and their families, they reacted with complaints about how they were treated. It’s yet another collective statement attesting to the widespread entitlement of this generation of students.

While the community reels in shock and grief, they have to listen to the chorus of whining brats who are not contributing or supporting the victims, but have somehow attempted to find a way to turn the attention back onto themselves. They fail to see the profound level of selfishness these deeply misguided self centered complaints about text messaging entail. Mind you, this is the same population that riots, flips cars, and generally causes upheaval and chaos in downtown State College for nine months out of the year.

Maybe we should demand that Penn State starts texting the local population when these little shits start rioting and destroying locally owned property that they are guests on.

Somehow I’m not surprised, but yet again Penn State students made this painful LOCAL tragedy, effecting the LOCAL community profoundly, all about themselves and how they are neglected because they didn’t get a text message. This is a great example of a time when Penn State should be supporting the “locals”, particularly as one of the victims was a retired Penn State employee.

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