UPDATE: Former Civil Rights Lawyer Andrew Ostrowski Incarcerated For Violation of PFA, Charged with Harassment

Andrew Ostrowski remains incarcerated after being arrested in October 2018 for a number of charges relating to a protection from abuse order violation.

In vintage Andrew Ostrowski style, the dis-barred lawyer had a social media meltdown, which included play-by-play status updates for his “abduction.”

This came after Ostrowski was disbarred, see LUZERNE COUNTY – The Andy Ostrowski Story……  or LUZERNE COUNTY – Revisiting the case of Andy Ostrowski: organized gang stalking, federal judges, and political policing

When he was picked up he was rumored to have over 40 charges, to include terroristic threats. On January 23, 2019, he had a pre-trial conference in Lebanon County. It appears he has also transferred jails, along with jurisdiction from Luzerne County to Lebanon County.

He remains incarcerated in Lebanon County Jail awaiting a sentencing hearing on March 20, 2019 on a single charge of Misdemeanor 3 of harassment. Despite all the craziness, it’s been notably quiet in Luzerne without his online personal updates and social media outbursts.

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