Butler County: Judicial Race to Replace Sex Predator Judge Tom Doerr is fraught with Corrupt Characters, “Wink” Robinson and Tom Breth are Filthy Politicking pond scum

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What kind of Candidate is Family Law Attorney William “Wink” Robinson?

According to insiders in Butler, he is a lawyer who can’t manage money, and ran the local baseball team the “Blue Sox” into the ground as one of the owners for this for-profit venture.

This privately owned for profit venture did have the support of the county to purportedly line the pockets of a few men. The county gave the baseball team cheap land, cheap grants and County Solicitor Tom Breth was sure to take good care of the baseball team. He had the hook up to leverage County Commissioner and local county government support, and behind the scenes pull strings for funding and a lucrative land deal benefiting is buddy Wink Robinson.

The money pit (supported and funded partially by county) was mismanaged for a total of ten years, and seemed to be running in the negative for almost ten years. 2018 was the final year that the Blue Sox played.

Earlier in 2018, the city of Butler, “Parks, Recreation Grounds & Facilities Authority) announced that the Blue Sox had suspended operations. This was prior to Wink Robinson or Tom Breth announcing they would be running for Judge.

There were two sides to the story that were very different as to why the Blue Sox shuttered their windows and doors and shut down after ten years. Tom Breth took to the news and said:  “I think both sides really tried to find a way to keep the BlueSox here,” authority solicitor Tom Breth said Monday. “I don’t think their decision was based upon their inability to come to a lease agreement. I think the parties would have been able to come to a lease agreement.”

The owners of the Blue Sox all seemed to have varying stories as well. One owner said

But, according to one part owner of the Butler BlueSox, it was an unacceptable lease proposal which will result in the franchise not playing next year.  According to Sassone, the lease offered by the city authority would have eliminated the $12,000 per year rent the team had been paying to play at the stadium, but would allow the authority to keep all concession and signage revenue.

In other words, the Blue Sox owners (failed entrepreneurs and/or “victims” of the county wanting them to pay rent for using the land), were now demanding that they pay no rent, after paying $12,000 for ten years with no increases.

But they really could not seem to come up with any sort of deal…..

According to [County Solicitor Tom Breth], BlueSox ownership informed the city of their decision to suspend operations in a letter sent on Friday. The authority made a lease modification proposal to the BlueSox ownership a day prior, on Thursday, which outlined changes that could be made in the current agreement that would allow the partnership to continue, according to the authority.

Sassone who seemed the only one really passionate about the baseball stadium, and the baseball team seemed to fight the hardest. “I had everything set up with the Great Lakes League,” Sassone said Monday. “We were ready to go with the Great Lakes League until this proposal (from the city authority) came out. We were in the Great Lakes League. We were accepted. We were ready to go until they came back with all this stuff.”

But despite these early stories (before anyone announced they were running for Judge), Robinson gave a different impression:William Wink Robinson, a Butler attorney and one of the five local owners, said the group pays the redevelopment authority $9,000 for a 30-game season, and $1,500 to operate the souvenir store. Several fireworks nights are usually sellouts, Robinson said, and crowds have remained steady through the year. “We’re not losing money, (but) we can’t retire on this,” Robinson said. .”CITATION 

The citizens and the parking authority disagree with the version of events that an acceptable lease deal could not be negotiated. These “facts” presented in the news by tax payer paid County Solicitor are by some people in Butler to be considered outright LIES.

One informed, “Fact is Blue Sox paid zero dollars to the Stadium Authority in 2018. The Blue Sox failed to pay the $1 dollar ticket fee and signage revenue in 2018. The Blue Sox’s ownership includes several millionaires who are crying poor and attempted to shirk their financial responsibility to publicly owned stadium.” CITATION

This local citizen went on to clarify some facts specifically about Wink ( who remained curiously quiet in the media throughout this debacle): Wink is part of the ownership group of the Butler County Blue Sox’s, who have so far STIFFED [the county’s] Pullman Park Stadium Authority out of tens of thousands of dollars. They also FAILED to pay state taxes for at least three years and this again is being saddled upon the authority.

The Authority is tax payer funded, and controls the tax payer owned land. Entitled millionaires profited from the use of the county owned land, and refused for at least 12 months to live up to the terms and conditions of their lease (WHICH WAS A BARGAIN PRICE). Not only did they not pay their lease, they refused to pay any revenues (as agreed upon) for ticket sales or for park advertising sales. They ripped the county tax payers off, and took it even one step further to rip off the state by not paying any state taxes for at least three years.

Instead of the County Solicitor Tom Breth going to the public honestly about what happened, he painted a total mistruth in the media that the Butler Blue Sox owners and the County Park Authority could not agree about the terms and conditions of the 2019 lease. At minimum Tom Breth lied by way of ommission when he did not discuss with the media the financial devestation reeked upon the county by the Owners of the Butler Blue Sox.

They were given a super deal by way of their lease, and according to Wink Robinson, they were not losing any money on the deal so far. Clearly the financial books of this privately owned baseball team have not been made available to the public for scrutiny. According to some William Wink Robinson and friends simply decided to stop paying taxes or paying the county for their lease, and ripped off a bunch of people. Then his friend Tom Breth helped him cover it up.

Worse case scenario both Breth and Robinson are scam artists who acted in collusion to rip off the county. Best case scenario, William Wink Robinson lacks the business skills, acumen and leadership to run an organization and the Blue Sox failed because of incompetency, yet now Robinson’s second career is to retire as Judge since his dreams of owning professional baseball team failed.

Neither Tom Breth or William Wink Robinson has the moral character or aptitude to be Judge, and that seems to be clear.

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