Butler County – King Pin Pay-To-Play Sex Predator Judge Thomas Doerr Made Certain His Family and Friends Got Hooked Up with County $$$$Money$$$ in Court Contracts

When you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint one for you. In cases such as family court cases, a Guardian Ad Litem is often appointed to represent the interests of the children. This position is necessary in that oftentimes both mother and father have their own attorneys, but there is no individual to directly represent the interests of the children in any custody disputes. Enter the Guardian Ad Litem, or GAL attorneys.

Who pays for the GAL attorneys to represent the children in custody dispute/divorce cases? Well, you do. The tax payers pay for the GAL attorneys. Still this is not an elected position, and GALs therefore are appointed by Judges.

As you might imagine, seeing how there was money involved, Tom Doerr stuck his greasy little man hand fingers in to make sure it benefited his friends and his family. The public had no say in the appointment of GAL attorneys, so Tom Doerr selected his wife and his BFF District Attorney Goldinger’s wife for appointments.

Knowing his wife and friend’s wife were GAL attorneys on cases he presided over, he knew that none of these lawyers would start trouble for him. He could rule however he wanted. If his friend attorney (Wink Robinson) represented a Husband or Wife in a divorce custody, then Doerr could easily rule in the favor of his friend with very little objections from his wife or Goldinger’s wife.

Not only was Doerr picking favorites and giving the majority of GAL cases to his wife and Goldinger’s wife, he was also amending the fees. While regular attorneys might make $60 dollars on a case, his wife (got the royal treatment) and made $150.00 dollars per case, OVER DOUBLE what some of the “less-connected” lawyers made.

It all goes to show has Doerr has been running that courthouse like Louis the 14th as his own personal monarchy. He has free range to sexually harass and sexually prey on law enforcement staff, and has used the powers of his office to hook up all his family in friends.

The qualifications for GAL attorney appointment and pay rate should not be “are you related to Doerr or one of his good friends?” GAL attorneys should be appointed on merit, and their pay should be equal. What a disgusting conflict of interest for child custody cases!

Children first? I think not. Doerr’s friends and family first, children of broken families be damned.

Doerr does whatever he wants with no accountability and no consequences. I’m interested to know if he has even shown up to work lately. Email me at happyvalleycitizen@gmail.com if you have any tips or information to this regard.


47112798_1825391624238567_8720217571611115520_n (1).jpg
Judge Tom Doerr’s wife (featured left) recieved favorable consideration in becoming one of the County’s most used GAL Attorneys, with a Higher Rate of Pay than other GAL Attorneys. She received this special treatment due to her husband’s position, and at the exclusion of all other qualified county attorneys.

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