Butler County – Scandal Brewing, D.A. Rich Goldinger Initially Declined to Press Charges, State Troopers tried to file in Armstrong County

Judge Tom Doerr’s son John Doerr was busted for child pornography in a home raid that occurred October of 2018. He was not officially arrested (despite admitting to owning the pornography) until recently. When he finally was arrested, the county declined to release his mugshot in any press release like they do with every other inmate. He was not given any bond or bail, and was released on his own recognizance despite being charged with 43 felonies. Some of the pornography found on his computer were images of female infants between the ages of 1-2 years old.

What occurred between the home raid and the arrest date? According to some the state troopers took it to Butler County’s DA Rich Goldinger, (friends with Doerr) who declined to press charges, initially. This purported rumor, if true, shows how deep the Judge Doerr connections run. He knew a story like this would result in political scandal, and he was already engulfed in a less than savory media storm after being sued by a female law enforcement whom he sexually victimized and preyed upon. Judge Doerr did what every corrupt Judge does and tried to exert enough influence to sweep his son John Doerr’s political debacle under the rug.

And they almost got away witht not charging John Doerr on the child pornography they found on his computer. In fact they would have gotten away if it weren’t for the diligence and vigilance of Pa state troopers who took the charges to an out of county magisterial district judge. The Armstrong County Judge was less about politicking and charged the case, only then was it transferred/charged in Butler County, and after charging the case District Attorney Rich Goldinger quickly recused himself.

At least that is the story I am hearing…… Sly political favors going on in Butler!!!

And now Judge Doerr has announced he is on medical leave for a skiing accident injuring his hand on January 5, 2019. What a convenient retreat into the closet when the scandal is breaking. Unlike the rest of us, it appears Judge Doerr is not required to go to work. He can sit around and collect his fat government paycheck with his “hand injury.” Also of note Crystal Starnes purportedly started back to work on January 4, and Doerr hasn’t been seen in the courthouse since her first day back. How very telling indeed.






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