Butler County – Who is Tom Holman? Another one of Judge Thomas Doerr’s Lapdogs, Why do I keep stumbling across the name Tom Holman?



Why do I keep stumbling across the name Tom Holman? What do we know about him, except that he is political lapdog for Tom Doerr? Below are some facts and rumors I heard about him. We’d appreciate more information if you have it.

  • FACT: Tom Holman was quoted in Sunday’s newspaper article about the Guardian Ad Litem pay scam, and he was quoted in several news articles articles previously. Either this is part of his job as Deputy Court Administrator, or he is a loudmouth jumping to the defense of corrupt government officials like a rabid bulldog. He always seems to be present wherever there is controversy.


  • FACT: He is a listed Defendant in Starnes Lawsuit… Starnes vs. Butler County; Judge Doerr; Tom Holman et al. Tom Holman is mentioned throughout the Complaint against Judge Doerr. He is portrayed as someone who was immediately available to step in and do Judge Doerr’s dirty work, and no wonder because it appears Tom Holman gets plenty of special favors from Judge Doerr. Included in those special favors is his job, an appointed position as Deputy Court Administrator. Appointed by who? Why Judge Doerr, of course.


  • FACT: Preacher at  First Methodist – His connections to First Methodist are well known throughout the community, lesser known is that he used his power and position to bolster membership by forcing parolees to attend HIS church (vs any other church). He is mixing church and state, and doing it without consequence. Using the department of corrections to further membership to his church violates several constitutional amendments.


  •  FACT: Falsified documents (according to Doerr Complaint), and Doerr signed them, predating several of them. Tom Holman was aware of this falsification of documents, and not only did he comply with the subterfuge of Judge Doerr to falsify documents, and he also put those documents on county computers.


  • RUMOR: Best friends with Terry Reynolds, see Article on Terry Reynolds and what happened in Butler County, wherein: Doe recalls that the relayed that he inmate got his drug money from a juvenile probation officer, named Terry Reynolds. Reynolds, he informed, had blackmailed him after molesting him in exchange for hush money. Doe reminds me that this was 20 years ago before mandatory reporting acts were in place, still – his seasoned law enforcement instincts had run awry. And, Doe relayed there was something that always bothered him about this case. In a thick Pennsylvania accent, he was clearly republican and law abiding, but he was insistent that something about this case shook him. And the abrupt resignation/firing of Reynolds after a covert meeting with the supervising judge late at night only sealed the appearance of impropriety. Doe said, “I think Reynolds probably thought he gave him enough hush money to make him able to go out and buy enough drugs to overdose, so he would never be heard from again.” The moral outrage is certainly understandable, and it’s highly readable when you hear him tell his story.


  • FACT: Retired Law Enforcement want him exposed, and they want him exposed badly.  Tom Holman was so busy politicking that he has put his ambitions and catering to corrupt people in power rather than support the law enforcement working out of the courthouse. Anyone who betrays the trust of local law enforcement in favor of corrupt elected lawyers does not deserve his appointed seat.


Hiding behind the false narrative of religion to further political and personal ambitions, and forge relationships by continuing to do the whim of corrupt politicians is not Godly.  Constitutionally granted religious freedom laws prohibit the church from getting involved with the Department of Corrections as mandatory conditions of parole. Forcing those who are jewish and/or practice other religions (other than methodist) should be granted their right to attend whatever church of their choosing, and not forced-indoctrination by a christian church whose methodist preacher is also the county’s court administrator.

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Tom Holman, Deputy Court Administrator. Close friend of Judge Thomas Doerr (Doerr parks his boat in Holman’s garage). Has a number of law enforcement angered and complaining about him.

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