Butler County – Judge Kelly Streib Involved in Butler Family Court SCAM, and Used her Powers and Position to Bail Out her Felon Husband, Stephen Streib

In 2015, Judge Kelly T.D. Streib was honored by the media outlet the Legal Intelligencer for her work with children in family courts:

As a judge who oversees cases involving abused and neglected youngsters — and there are some 125 such children in Butler County on any given day — she led a committee that spent the past two years devising and then hosting statewide training sessions to promote a best-practices agenda for those involved with the child dependency system. For this contribution, Judge Streib has been named a “Woman of the Year” for 2012 by The Legal Intelligencer, a Pennsylvania-based law journal. She was praised by the journal, the oldest daily of its kind in the nation, for her work with the dependency system: Cases that focus on children who are abused or neglected by their families.   CITATION

This media coverage was long before the scandal of the pay-to-play Guardian Ad Litem SCAM was unearthed by Jennifer Gilliand Vanasdale.  With the new information on the county family court scam involving wife of Judge Doerr, Lori Doerr, and wife of Rich Goldinger, Rebecca Lozzi, this long past news article takes on a more sinister appearance. Maybe Judge Streib’s achievements and eager involvement are more like Judge Streib’s agenda to set up a network, and control the outcome of family court cases however she can. Of course GAL lawyers like Lori Doerr and Rebecca Lozzi would side with her, as they are all closely related to her peers, and with vested interest in the cases.

Judge Streib is not afraid to ask for or receive unethical legal favors. Take for instance her law professor husband – Steve Streib –  who has been found guilty or pleaded guilty to multiple DUIs. Kelly Streib was her husbands former law student when he was a law professor…. A married law professor many years his junior.

DUIs don’t seem to pose much of a problem. His last DUI, which was his second or third DUI he was pulled over by Butler Police and given a slap on the wrist of ARD (unusual for multiple DUIs) with a BAC of 0.16, over twice the legal limit. Clearly his young wife’s connections as a Court of Common Pleas Judge were utilized sometime during this process. His sixty day sentence slap on the wrist is almost unheard of for the offense, particularly as the police report notes his “glassy bloodshot eyes,” inability to maintain his balance, and fact that he had urinated all over himself.

While the Legal Intelligencer was publishing such glowing reviews of the Judge, she was sitting locked behind the closed door hearings of her courtroom behaving like a bully.

Read some of the reviews from people who have actually been in front of Judge Streib, and look at the disparity between what she boastfully proclaims as her achievements versus how she treats people, behind closed-door hearings, when the cameras are not around. Is this really a definition of “success”?

  • Judge Streib sent my son into a home of domestic violence and emotional abuse at the age 2 yrs. old and denied me DNA testing. Just imagine all the verbal abuse, spankings, punishments because of alcohol abuse and domestic fights. She send my little boy into a jail of domestic violence.  CITATION


  • if I hadn’t been in the courtroom to experience this for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. When you go into a courtroom, you expect a certain level of professionalism with someone who represents the law and will serve a non-bias decision. Judge Streib is the most unprofessional and biased person I have ever seen. It is evident she makes her own laws as she goes, and she doesn’t care about a person’s rights or what is legal and what is not when she makes her ruling. She was sweet to attorneys and clients of attorneys that are all in the same bed in Butler County. For anyone else that doesn’t serve her best interest, she was rude, screamed at my witnesses to hurry up because she Wanted to end her day, and she belittled and bullied both myself and my attorney. We never had the ability to bring up our arguments without her cutting us off and screaming about how we needed to hurry up. She also violated my rights on multiple counts, breaking the law. Because people are afraid to upset her because she retailiates against people, she usually gets away with it. Not this time. Her judgment was over-ruled by the Superior Court of PA. For those out there that are forced to be heard in front of her, there is hope that terrible judges like this will be held accountable at some point. Shame on you judge Streib. CITATION

  • Totally unprofessional who thinks she’s god’s gift. She is completely biased. Left us hanging for over 6 hours to wait for a hearing that she was unprepared for. Then yells, screams and bully’s you into getting you to do what she wants. What a joke. Only to have it postponed for the fourth time.  CITATION


  • It is obvious this woman has not practiced law one day in her life. She is a bully and likes to intimidate people. She has no idea what being objected is. Disgrace to the profession.  CITATION


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