The Butler County Family Court Scam Explained – If You hd a Family Court Case Involving any of these Players, You were a Victim and should see a Lawyer

Conflicts of interests arise whenever the representation of a client may be materially limited by the lawyer’s duties to either another client or a third person or by the interests of the lawyer her-self.’ Analyzing such conflicts typically requires identifying situations involving a potentially impermissible conflict, determining whether the conflict is consentable, and, if it is, obtaining consent after full disclosure. Conflicts analysis is difficult enough when the client is an adult.  When the client is a child, however, the analysis is complicated by a number of factors.

Conflicts can sometimes be overcome by having clients signed “informed consent”, indicating that they are aware of the conflict of interest and that they would like to proceed despite the conflict of interest. In Butler County Family Courts, the informed consent was never given, and even if the informed consent had been given – it would have had to be signed by children who might not understand the full consequences of signing it.

Instead, the Butler County Family Courts hooked up relatives of Rich Goldinger and Judge Thomas Doerr’s securing GAL lawyers that were grateful for the court contracts and likely willing to agree with the Judge on anything the Judge decided. The familial relationships between the Judges and the GAL lawyers were NEVER disclosed to the families undergoing the seperation process in Family County Courts.

Instead, like a bunch of circling sharks, the Judges and Attorneys involved engaged in ex parte communication (who doesn’t talk to their spouse) and ran the Butler County Family Courts like a puppet show where they hooked up each other and each other’s friends to line their own pockets and forward their own agendas.

Meanwhile, families were asked to pay for this “neutral” GAL lawyer, or they were threatened with jail. GAL lawyers are paid hourly, meaning a GAL lawyer has free license to perform as many hours as she would like, and the Court will FORCE the families to pay for the services of the Court-Appointed GAL lawyer. Butler County Courts have admitted that they do not know the totals of how much the GAL lawyers have been paid, because sometimes the GAL lawyer bills the families directly, and none of these bills are recorded by the County Clerk’s office.

Also in having contentious divorces, and divorces that drag out over periods of months, or even years, the Courts get paid more. Court costs are forwarded to individual judicial offices (for “expenses) and the GAL lawyer (sometimes wife of Tom Doerr) also increases their hourly billing, as more hours are needed. Simply by agreeing with the Judge or picking one side over another side, a GAL lawyers opinion could easily sway the decision of the Judge to drag the case out.

These lawyers and Judges profited off the backs of children from broken home, meanwhile Judges like Judge Streib went on her own personal PR campaign across the state when she knew firsthand of the SCAM that was occurring in Butler Courts.

One woman wrote to me saying her GAL attorney and appointed medical doctor charged her over $15,000 for a months worth of work. The GAL attorney made no visits to the home, and refused to speak to her despite multiple requests. The GAL lawyer issued an opinion with almost no factual basis, and the case dragged on. There was $26,000 in contest during the divorce case, the Butler Courts froze these assets, spent every penny on court fees and appointed GAL & medical specialist, and then Butler Courts demanded that the separating parents pony up the rest of the money (thousands of dollars) after they had drained the savings of the couple.


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